Environmentally Friendly Father’s Day Ideas

While it’s a bit early for Father’s Day gifts (it’s the 20 June in the UK), Nigel’s Eco Store emailed me with some gift ideas so I thought I’d share a couple of them with you. An who knows, you may stumble upon this post in a couple of months just in time. They’ll even wrap your gift in recycled paper, very nice of them.

Belt Card Holder Wallet
For the trendy dad this designer wallet has a cover made entirely from recycled leather belts, with interiors made from leathers used for saddles. Each wallet is designed from personally selected mixed leather belts, which means no two are identical.

Bird box

Mrs Birdbee Bird Box
If you’d like to see more birds making their homes in your garden, put up Mrs Birdee bird box and add a touch of style at the same time. Award-winning designer Etienne Esmenjaud has created this delightful nesting box that will have Britain’s small garden birds flocking back. Produced in the UK using wood from sustainably managed forests, Mrs Birdee has been especially designed for garden tits.


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