Personal Reusable Hand Towels

I saw this on Springwise the other week and had to share it. I’m not sure whether I’m doing it to be eco-friendly or I’m just lazy but I often don’t dry my hands properly after washing them in public toilets. You have to spend 15 minutes under the warm air dryer or use about 10 pathetic paper towels. So often the back pockets of my jeans come in handy.

So imagine my delight in reading about eco-friendly, reusable hand towels. California-based PeopleTowels is trying to encourage people to carry their own hand towels with them.

The pocket-sized towels are quick drying, made from 100% fair trade cotton, made with environmentally friendly dyes and have handy hang tags to attach to your bag.

They cost US$8 for a single towel or US$21 for a three-towel set and 1% of PeopleTowels’ sales profits go to 1% for The Planet. It’s said that by: “switching to its towels for one year, each consumer can save one-quarter of a tree, reduce landfill waste by 23lbs and conserve 250 gallons of water.”


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