Sony Ericsson Release A Green Range Of Phones

These have been coming out for a while, but as I’ve just bought one and will be reviewing it soon, I thought maybe some people aren’t aware of them.

The Sony Ericsson Greenheart range is made up of the C190, Aspen, Hazel and Elm phones, and all have eco-friendly credentials. It starts with minimal packaging, about a quarter of the size of other ones I’ve had – and there aren’t any plastic bags involved. The phone itself come in a material pouch and there aren’t any instructions, you have to go online for them.


Talking of the charger, it’s a Greenheart one so is low-energy. And when you have finished charging and unplug the lead from the phone a handy reminder to turn off the plug on the wall to save energy pops up.

Along with the e-manual, minimal packaging, low-energy charger, the phones are made from recycled plastics, free from hazardous chemicals and uses a waterborne paint.


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