Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Bath Milk Eco Product Review

Kate continues reviewing baby products after testing Method’s bubble bath:

“Until I was pregnant with my son Harry, I had never realised just how many baby products were available. I was obviously aware that there were several makes of pushchairs and cots to choose from but I never thought I’d find myself dithering over which bath products to buy for my unborn baby but that’s exactly what I was doing the month prior to Harry’s arrival.

Little Me

“I ended up selecting the Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Bath Milk as it contains organic ingredients and more importantly doesn’t contain either of the controversial ingredients used in many toiletries like parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate.

“I believe this product has magical properties, as it never fails to calm my frazzled nerves at the end of another fraught day. As soon as the bath milk is poured under the running tap, the dill and lavender scent is released into the bathroom and I immediately begin to relax.

“It gives a lovely softness to the water and since we’ve been using it as part of Harry’s bedtime routine, we’ve never had any problems getting him off to sleep. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.”

Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Bath Milk costs around £4 for a 300ml bottle and is available instore and online.


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