High Fashion From Recycled Materials

Of course if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. But if you’re buying anyway, Elvis & Kresse create life-style accessories by re-engineering seemingly useless wastes. The innovative and pioneering Fire-Hose range is made exclusively from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses which, after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives, were otherwise destined for landfill.

50% of profits from the fire-hose line are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Not only fire hoses though, according to their site they also use:
# Waste coffee sacks
# Scrap sail cloth
# Used Air Traffic Control flight strips
# Repurposed sunglasses and optician’s boxes
# Reclaimed pewter for our belt buckles
# Parachute silk
# Decommissioned office furniture textiles

I also like their packaging philosophy too. for example any boxes have all been used at least once before, including old shoe boxes, glasses boxes or even pink lady grapefruit crates. They have an inexhaustible supply of used Jiffy bags, product labels are hand printed on the back of used Air Traffic Control Strips and the string is strands of old coffee sacks and much more you can read here.

[Hat tip: Springwise]


4 thoughts on “High Fashion From Recycled Materials

  1. Fantastic, I love recycled bags!
    Another place where to buy green stuff 😉
    I think I’m becoming addict with green bags made with recycled materials, I bought few of them in this interesting green store http://www.wearunique.com they prupose ather different technique and materials to recycle.


  2. “pioneering”? The original creator of firehose bags is German brand “Feuerwear” (www.feuerwear.com). They started making bags from firehose in 2005. Elvis and Kresse started their company two years later in 2007. So they are definitely not “Pioneers”.


  3. That is outstanding I must say. We produce too much (needed or not) because we have been brought up to the idea that we must always buy stuff. Too much so that we are harming the Earth already.


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