Introducing The Potato Pen


It’s not often you receive an email that offers to show you a potato pen and there was no way I was going to resist opening it. To be honest, when I discovered it wasn’t shaped like a potato, I was a little disappointed, but this makes much more sense.

This is the DBA, which claims to be the only 98% biodegradable pen in the world and “the only pen to use ink composed of simple, pronounceable ingredients” – which I like. The outside of the pen is made from a potato-based plastic and the internal reservoir is made from a “renewable, biodegradable fiber”.

The ink itself is made from a few simple ingredients including water and non-toxic pigments.

The factory which makes the pen in New York state is powered by an on-site wind turbine which adds to the pen’s eco-credentials. And DBA will also add to the pen in its line of products with a heater, humidifier, dishrack and extension cord.

Find out more here.


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