Two Websites That Offer Reusable Greeting Cards

The ever-helpful Springwise has pointed me in the direction of two websites that offer reusable greeting cards.

The first, Regreet, is based in America where seven billion greeting cards are sent every year, which is a lot of paper and ink. But the website doesn’t want to put the postal service out of business but makes it easy to reuse the cards that you are sent and send.

Recipients of a Regreet card simply apply a signature label over the sender’s message and write their own text instead. If they want, they can also enclose a Hop Along kit that includes a greeting label, a sheet of note paper and an envelope for the next user. Those sending the card for the first time apply a journey label to the back of the card; journey codes enable users to track their card’s travels over time. A portion of Regreet’s profits gets donated to selected non-profit partners.

Australian-based Merry-go-round has the same basic aim but adopts a different method. Recipients of a sustainably produced card can replace the slip of paper with their own and send the card on with a new message.

You can also track each card’s history by filling in a little blank tree on the back of their card, making it easy to see how many sets of hands it’s passed through.


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