Bulldog Natural Grooming Shave Gel – Fairtrade – Eco Product Review

Joel’s previously reviewed Bulldog’s shave gel and the sensitive version and loved them both, in fact so did his wife. On him, she didn’t use it herself.

Bulldog shave gel

As he mentioned in them though he reviewed them as I don’t shave, but I took one for the cause and gave it a go – I need to shave sometime. And although, unlike the others, this is a clear gel rather than more like a cream, I loved it too. It’s smooth and creamy and that means the razor glides smoothly over the skin without getting the blade gummed up. And it still smells lovely too.

I’m pleased to see this new Fairtrade version, although not all the ingredients are Fairtrade, it’s a step in the right direction and is BUAV approved.

With eight essential oils, no ingredients come from animal sources, there are no paraben, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. More details on the whole list of ingredients are published on the maker’s website, www.meetthebulldog.com. It’s formulated using sesame seed oil and green tea which aims to sooth your skin and I think it helped me at least.

You can find Bulldog at supermarkets and online at shops like Big Green Smile for £4.39.


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