Babies in Sheep’s Clothing Lambskin Eco Product Review

Babies In Sheep’s Clothing is an online store selling ethical lambskin and merino clothing for babies and children.

Based in East Sussex, it sources high quality, handmade ethically produced lambskin and merino clothing from New Zealand that are built to last – the founders passionately believe that their products should be passed along to a brother or sister. As I don;t have any children, I passed on the lambskin so my godson, Harry and his mother Kate to review.

“This online shop is a must for mum’s and dad’s of small tots looking to indulge their little ones. Specialising in lambskin, merino clothes, booties and accessories all hand made in New Zealand, Babies In Sheep’s Clothing items are all ethically soured and each piece made of natural fibres.


“I was lucky enough to be given a lambskin as a present for my son when he was just a few days old. I dithered over buying one before his arrival but decided against it as my purchases were mounting up and I didn’t think it was essential. How wrong I was.

“Our lambskin is one of the best presents we received on Harry’s arrival and has been used on an almost daily basis for the last seven months. The lambskin has lined Harry’s moses basket, his pushchair and also his cot and is now a perfect mat for him to sit and play with his toys on.

“It’s thick enough that should he tumble backwards, he has a soft landing. It has been through the washing machine on a very cool wash numerous times and comes out looking like new. It’s great for throwing in the back of the car when we’re going to visit friends and I have lost count of the number of compliments we’ve received on how beautiful it is.”

The lambskin costs £44.99 from Babies In Sheep’s Clothing.


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