Eco-lawnmowers Product Review

It’s that time of year again, when the garden blooms in to life and all the plants and flowers grow faster than you can keep up with them. I love this time of year, but also know that my garden will take much more effort to maintain, to keep it looking good throughout the summer months.

In an effort to become more green this year, I’ve switched from a traditional lawnmower to a manual one, which may sound like hard work but is actually working out really well.

The advantages of eco-mowers

Manual lawnmowers have a number of benefits when compared with petrol or electric versions. Whereas with an electric mower you have to plug it in, get an extension lead, and make sure you don’t cut through the wire (as I have a habit of doing), you can simply get your manual mower out of the shed, and start cutting the grass. Petrol is bad for the environment and also creates odor and noise, whereas a good old-fashioned manual mower is a stress-free, green and quiet way of keeping your grass cut beautifully.

Despite what you may think, manual mowers actually give a better cut than most electric or petrol versions. Their cylinders are designed for clean cutting, which lets your grass heal quicker following a good mow. This makes your lawn more green, healthier, and much nicer to look at.

Manual mowers are easy to look after, as they have fewer parts which are susceptible to breakdowns so they are light on maintenance. They are usually very easy to use, being a little lighter in terms of weight than electric or petrol versions, and create no CO2 emissions to damage the environment. You don’t risk upsetting the neighbors when you mow late in to the evening, as they are silent. Finally, you get a little more exercise when you use a manual mower, which makes you feel smug, too.

Convinced, yet?

My mower of choice is the Brill Razorcut Premium 38 Eco Lawn Mower, which is lightweight, sturdy and does a superb job of my lawn. It has a contact-free mowing system which makes for a neat. Smooth finish, and is quietly effective.

You can buy the Brill Razorcut Premium 38 around £109 making it an investment for many years of lush green grass and eco-friendly mowing.


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