The Owl CM119 – Energy saving smart meter

By now you may have heard of the Owl, the clever gadget designed to calculate how much energy is consumed within the home. Recent research by environmental experts is showing that using a meter which demonstrates units of electricity used is one of the best ways to remind consumers to think twice about the various gadgets in the home, and begin to reduce consumption accordingly.

The Owl, was originally marketed under the name ‘Electrisave’ by manufacturers Wireless Monitors Australia Pty Ltd. It gathered industry accolades and awards for its simple functionality and low cost design. When the company behind the product was recently purchased by 2 Save Energy PLC, they lost the rights to sell the Electrisave under that brand name, and hence The Owl was born.

In essence, The Owl is simply the original Electrisave gadget, with enhanced features, at a reduced price. It has been developed to store usage information, meaning your energy monitoring is even more simple than before, and more precise.

For newbies to the idea of energy monitoring, here’s the lowdown. Without knowing how your electricity is being used by different appliances, it’s tough to work out how to reduce it by economizing with your domestic activities. Gadgets like The Owl calculate your home energy supply, and provides real-time data about how much fuel you are using. When you turn on a light or appliance, the LCD monitor on the reader tells you exactly how much electricity is being used, what the cost of the fuel is, and how much CO2 you are producing through using the appliance.

Wireless, the Owl is easy to use and a little bit addictive. If you’re anything like me, getting your hands on this clever little gadget will lead to a flurry of activity, turning things on and off and working out the cost of what you do in your home. A bit of a wake-up call for us all, the Owl gives us full control over the choices we make as consumers, and arm us with the data we need to make significant changes.

It’s estimated that the average household is able to reduce energy consumption by a quarter when they arm themselves with a good monitor. Just by being informed and aware, we’re suddenly able to see just how much we use, and make changes accordingly. This helps save money, and of course benefits the environment.

Specifications for The Owl:

Key features include:
• Easy to install and program in 5 minutes
• Monitor and display unit
• Clip-on meter sensor
• Simple instructions for use
• No need to change your existing meter – sensors clip directly onto your existing electricity meter’s cabling
• Portable, easily moved from room to room
• Simple to use by all members of the family push-button menus and easy to read, large LCD display
• Programmable to current and/or individual electricity tariffs
• The OWL monitor shows the level of greenhouse gases that are being generated by your current electricity usage.

Cost is around £30 from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “The Owl CM119 – Energy saving smart meter

  1. I got a device similar to this a while ago when they went on offer at Wilkinson’s (might be an Efergy one – can’t remember, but it wasn’t the OWL brand one). However, the one big problem I found was that it ate batteries like nobody’s business! You need two AAA batteries for the transmitter and two for the wireless meter. I use rechargables for it, but they last, on average, between one and two weeks, which means I’m always changing the batteries and recharging them, almost all of the time the “low battery” indicator is flashing, and quite often one or other part has conked out and so it isn’t working.

    Is the OWL brand one any better? It seems ironic that a device to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint causes such problems with batteries – I hate to think if people use it with non-rechargables, as using it could well increase their overall carbon footprint/pollution!


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