New website available for calculating CO2 usage

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has recently launched a new site dedicated to helping people calculate their CO2 emissions, and reduce them. It enables us to visit the site and work out how much CO2 we generate when we heat water in our homes.

The Trust suggests that CO2 from energy used to heat water in homes accounts for 5% of our nation’s total carbon emissions. According to the Trust, water use is an area where we can make a real difference, simply by taking small measures against waste. Homes, businesses and policymakers can all benefit from this new initiative.

The EST produced the calculator as an interactive, simple to use tool that helps make the link between the water we use, how we heat it, and efficiency. Apparently, research from the Trust estimates that heating water accounts for around thirty percent of an average household’s energy bills.

Simple tricks like taking shorter showers, reducing the number of baths we have, and not leaving taps running for a long time all have a big impact on the amount of energy we use in the home.

The new calculator offers a personalised report that lets us find out how much water we use within the home, and then make the link to CO2 emissions and cost. The site is Flash-based, and takes you on a virtual tour to look around a typical home and identify areas that can be addressed when it comes to thinking about how much water we use, and how we heat it.

Thinking green about water

When you consider the typical home, it’s easy sometimes to forget just how much water we use for laundry, cleaning, bathing and flushing. There are simple and quick ways to reduce water consumption, which supports the environment, reducing processing requirements for fresh water, and also helps to cut down on your energy costs. A running tap wastes more than six litres of water a minute, so even turning it off while you brush your teeth is a great way you can reduce waste and support a greener household.

You can check out the Energy Saving Trust’s new calculator here, to find out how much of an impact your own household is having on the environment when it comes to heating and wasting water – and you could save yourself a few dollars in the process!


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