Babies in Sheep’s Clothing Lambskin Beanie Hat Eco Product Review

Babies In Sheep’s Clothing is an online store selling ethical lambskin and merino clothing for babies and children.

Based in East Sussex, it sources high quality, handmade ethically produced lambskin and merino clothing from New Zealand that are built to last – the founders passionately believe that their products should be passed along to a brother or sister. As I don’t have any children, I passed on the beanie hat so my godson, Harry and his mother Kate to review.


“We’re already a fan of Already a fan of Babies In Sheep’s Clothing (see the lowrise booties and lambskin reviews) Harry and I have the pleasure of reviewing the gorgeous beanie hat sent to us.

“Like all of Babies In Sheep’s Clothing’s products, the hat is made of ethically sourced sheepskin and is beautifully made. It comes in a choice of three colours pink, camel and spice and is available with or without ear flaps.

“We’ve been sent the beanie hat in the delightful spice colour, which is a rich chocolate brown. As we’ve had an unusually warm summer Harry and I can’t really testify how warm and snugly it has kept him as we’ve not really had chance
to wear it outside of the house but we are looking forward to autumn when Harry can finally show it off.

“With the recent warm spell, it may not seem a great time to be purchasing sheepskin products but it is worth checking out the current offers on the Babies In Sheep’s Clothing website. With several close friends expecting babies in the next
few months, I will be taking advantage of the very generous discounts currently being offered.”

The lambskin beanie hat costs £26.99 from Babies In Sheep’s Clothing.


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