Free eBook – 133 Ways To Save The Planet

Remember 100 Ways To Save The Planet? Well we’ve made it 33% better with making 133 Ways To Save The Planet now available as a free download.

Updated and redesigned, the eBook yours free by entering your email address and signing up to our weekly mailing list. It contains tips and ideas of how to start making small steps to becoming more environmentally friendly. There’s nothing too taxing in there, being eco-conscious is easy.

133 Ways is also focused on saving money so we home you find the tips both useful and frugal. A couple of sample tips are below, so you can try before you buy, even if it is free!

“Buy used nappies for your baby. Clean, reusable ones anyway. is an auction site that specialises in, you’ve guessed it, nappies. Buying previously used nappies is better for the environment and I would have thought, cheaper too.”

“Use a drain sieve. Keeping food and other bits out of your drains will mean they won’t become blocked and lead you to pour chemicals down it to unblock it. Also never pour grease or fat down there as it will solidify and block your drains and the main sewage system.”

“Be gentle with your boiling. A pan gently boiling and a raging cauldron will actually be the same temperature, so turn down the heat a bit and save some energy. You can actually turn the heat off after boiling with vegetables and pasta. Just keep the lid on the pan and check after a few minutes to see if it’s done as you like.”

Get it for free below.


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