The Power of Recycling Furniture

Do you remember the last time your office had a refit? Or the last time you bought new furniture for the house? What happened to all the old furniture and computer equipment? The truth is, it probably ended up in a landfill site somewhere out in the countryside.

One man‘s trash is another man‘s treasure

The vast majority of office furniture that is removed in an office refit is still completely reusable and there are many charitable organizations that will be more than happy to take it off your hands. These not-for-profit organizations will use your unwanted furniture for many worthwhile projects. Schools in deprived inner-city areas and government granted start-up businesses are in constant need of new equipment. Not only does this provide valuable resources for those in need but also these projects provide employment and training to the disadvantaged and disabled.

The same goes for your old household furniture. Many under-privileged families, safe-houses and shelters could do with a new sofa, bed or even your old kitchen appliances.

Reusable computer equipment

Bill Gates wasn’t far off the mark in 1995 when he said in his book, ‘The Road Ahead‘, that in the near future every house and office would have a computer. What he didn’t foresee was that with the huge advances in research and development, computers are basically obsolete from the day you purchase them.

This very issue places a huge strain on the eco-friendly industry. Many companies will dump perfectly good computer equipment on a yearly basis and all of it is ending up on landfill sites across the world.

As if this is not bad enough, there are people who are living on these sites disassembling and melting down computer boards, wires and monitors because of the valuable metals that are used in their production. The process that is used is highly toxic, not only releasing poisonous gases into the atmosphere but also poisoning the very people who are depending on these dangerous activities to feed their families.

Taking the strain off the environment by recycling

If there were better programs in place to safely dispose of this equipment, not only would we be doing the environment a massive favor, but we would also be ensuring that the people living on the landfills could work in an environment safe from the dangers involved.

Many schools don’t have the funding for computer equipment and in a modern age, when a computer is not a luxury anymore but a necessity, they would benefit from large corporation’s computers that are now out of date.

So the next time your management decides to refit the office, ask them where they are off-loading all the old equipment. There are so many eco friendly options available rather than polluting our lovely open spaces.


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