Green Dating – Find Sustainable Love Online

Online dating has exploded over the last few years so it’s nice to see green alternatives popping up. Here, Jill Mytton writes about her site, Countryside Friends:

“With oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and the exceptionally hot summer which has certainly reactivated the climate change debate, this week admittedly the rain has arrived, green issues and the environment have never been so high on the public agenda. So in the midst of all this serious environmental news what on earth is green dating?

“Well perhaps it isn’t just the environment we need to think about but also our relationships. Since the ‘free love’ ideals of the 1960’s the idea of meeting someone and sticking with them for life has largely been abondoned. I have experienced two marriages and divorces so I know how difficult finding a sustainable relationship can be and the havoc caused by relationship breakdowns.


“Being green isn’t just about recyling, using rainwater to flush your toilet or reducing your carbon footprint, it is about intelligent thinking in all aspects of your life. Let’s be honest we are in a mess. The planet is a rubbish dump we have created a plastic soup of debris floating in the Pacific ocean nearly twice the size of the United States. We have ravaged the rainforests and we have messed up our relationships. We cannot be totally blamed though, years of consumerism and ‘get rich quick!’ and damn the consequences meant everything was disposable even love.

“Perhaps the age of austerity won’t be all bad possibly frugal living and less stuff will make us appreciate the good things in life and think more about relationships and less about having more. Green dating is about caring, valuing, respecting other’s differences and showing dignity for another human being. Providing the service online helps you meet more people in an easy way without having to increase your carbon footprint, you can also take your time through e-mail or video contact to get to know your new friend slowly in an authentic way and see if their values and how they look at life match your thinking. By the time you meet you will already have a rapport on which to build a sustainable relationship. Green dating is the new way to find true love and make a difference so if you haven’t tried it upload your profile for free today and see if you can find sustainable love.”


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