Method Laundry Detergent Eco Product Review

Method continues it’s expansion of eco-cleaning products and has released its first laundry detergent.

Just looking at the bottle you know it’s going to be different, it’s an unusual shape and has a pump on the top proudly stating that “4 PUMPS = 1 WASH” and that this 300ml bottle is equal to 25 washes. Impressive stuff.

Method Laundry Detergent has a patent-pending formula which “seeks out dirt and stains” and means that you only need to use a quarter of the amount of detergent that you usually need, hence a small bottle with a lot of washes.

Method laundry

There are further instructions on the back saying how you can use less or more pumps depending on how dirty the wash is.

I have an old washing machine that is eco-friendly by default – it’ll only wash on a cool wash so sometimes eco detergent can struggle. Not this one though, although I haven’t used it on a particularly dirty load, just putting four pumps in cleaned the clothes nicely – basically as you would expect any detergent to do, eco or not.

The other useful thing is that my machine doesn’t like taking the powder or liquid from the drawer so having the option to squirt directly into the machine is a good thing. I did worry that it’d just wash the clothes I squirted onto so I spread it around a bi,t but it worked perfectly, all the clothes seemed to be cleaned the same.

The eco credentials of the liquid are pretty good, it’s 95% plant based and concentrated so you use less detergent each time. You may be thinking about the plastic bottle, I asked Method about that and it’s made from 50% recycled plastic and is grade 2 recyclable.

Method Laundry detergent is available from places in the UK like Tesco and Waitrose as well as online (try Big Green Smile) for around £5.99. The version I tried was ‘fresh air’ but there is also ‘peony blossom’ and ‘free + clear’ which is fragrance and dye free.


One thought on “Method Laundry Detergent Eco Product Review

  1. got to agree it’s another great product from method. i was sent a load of samples back in may and had a try with them then. really great results for an eco product. like you i’ve not used them on a dirty dirty load but for my usual clothes they’re perfect. i’ve now ran out of my bio-d powder so will be buying method’s laundry detergent this time


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