Green Tuning Business Makes Your Car “Greener”

Green Garage is a company that specializes in “green-tuning”. This is tuning cars to “run cleaner, greener and cheaper through sustainable, energy-saving automotive maintenance and repair products”.

The company is based in Colorado but comes to your home rather than requiring you to go to a garage. ins by bringing the garage to the customer’s front door with a valet service whereby it picks up a client’s car, green-tunes it and then drops it off again.

For corporate clients, Green Garage’s Corporate Mobile Service Truck pulls into business parking lots with its mobile lift and is able to service many cars throughout the day. Either way, Green Garage’s “Carhugger” technicians use auto parts that save money by improving fuel efficiency and by reducing the frequency of services. Included in the garage’s services are an “Energy Intervention,” including preliminary diagnostics to see how to get the best out of the engine, as well as a 53-Point Systems Inspection that proactively identifies any preventive issues that may require maintenance.

You can read more about their eco-responsible setup here and they apparently have a line of over 60 sustainable products, chosen for their superior performance at solid waste reduction, CO2 emission, toxicity, water conservation, use of natural resources and social impact; included among them are non-leaded wheel weights and bio-diesel engine conversions, for example.

An interesting idea.

[Via: Springwise]


One thought on “Green Tuning Business Makes Your Car “Greener”

  1. It’s great to see some companies in the auto industry with a green focus. The amount of pollution cars create is incredible, whenever I run home from work, you can’t help but notice the poor air quality on busy roads.

    It’s time we looked into greener methods of transport and the ways in which we can improve public transport to get more people to give up driving their own cars everywhere.


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