CompoSphere – Garden waste composter

I don’t know if you are like me but don’t you find that the biggest problem with having a compost heap in your garden is that it is static! You pick a corner of your garden, probably hidden away behind some lovely bushes, throw all your garden waste in a pile and then spend most of your free time running to and from your compost heap. If you are like me, you tend to end up having mini-compost heaps all over the garden, which starts to look messy.

A ball of fun

Some clever person must have been experiencing the same problems because they went ahead and invented one of the coolest garden accessories that I have seen on the market in very long time.

The CompoSphere is a lightweight ball that made from 100% recycled plastic and designed to hold 312 liters of garden waste. At the top is an easy twist lid, which means no messing around with latches. The designers were clever enough to ensure that the loading opening is big enough to fit a spade so there is no need to struggle trying to fill the tumbler and big items are easy to place inside it. The tumbler can also be separated into two hemispheres for easy storage and transport.

Spinning around

The CompoSphere works on a very simple and effective principal, the more you turn your compost, the quicker it degrades. This tumbling is necessary to improve circulation and to disperse the rotting matter evenly thereby speeding up the process. It has been proven that regularly turned compost degrades much quicker than compost that is left stationary. With the CompoSphere this is done automatically whenever you roll the ball to where you are working in the garden.

The spherical shape is also great if you have back problems or just cannot lift heavy items. If you do not have a wheelbarrow or are unable to push one, the CompoSphere is just what you need. All you need to do it give your CompoSphere a gentle push in the right direction and off you go and because it is a ball, even when it is full it is easy to maneuver.

It is such fun even your kids will want to help!

The CompoSphere can be purchased from most online garden sites and retail for around $140. Originally only available in black they now come in green to match your garden.

Lastly, when your CompoSphere arrives and you have assembled it, jump in and have a roll around the garden before you start using it. There is no point in saving all the fun for just your potato peels and grass cuttings.


One thought on “CompoSphere – Garden waste composter

  1. I have a composphere in my garden, and it works a treat. I was put off compost bins with one of the tall dalek bins, and it was a pain. The mice seemed to eat most of the stuff i put in.
    I bought my composphere from bradleys garden, who make it, so the price was a lot less than normal. The mice haven’t got in yet either. Rolling is quite fun, and it does seem to make a difference with composting speed


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