Home Vacations – Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

With the recent economic recession, more people cross the US are looking to have vacations closer to home to cut costs and get more convenience from their annual break. The good news is that taking a vacation without going overseas is also much better for the environment than going on a long-haul trip when it comes to your time for rest and relaxation.

Air travel in particular takes a huge toll on the environment in terms of creating carbon emissions and adding to global warming, and many people are turning their back on flying in favor of enjoying their free time closer to home.

If you’re planning your fall vacation, the following tips are designed to help you go green as well as reduce costs, increase convenience and improve the impact you have on the environment with your annual break…

Pick hotels that operate ethically

When you book to stay in your chosen accommodation, look for hotels that have stated environmental policies. Eco-friendly hotels implement water-saving measures, execute energy-saving techniques and reduce solid waste. Initiatives may include offering towel and sheet-changing options, providing soap and shampoo dispensers instead of miniature samples, implementing guestroom recycling baskets and focusing on the reduction of food-related waste. All these activities add up to a huge reduction in the amount of energy generated by your stay, giving you peace of mind that you are being as green as possible.

Cut down on materials used for food and drink

A few tips for reducing your food-related waste include carrying a bottle for water with you and refilling it as needed, steering clear of fast- food joints by eating in restaurants to cut down on packaging, avoiding Styrofoam when you buy drinks, and carrying reusable containers for uneaten food. You can then wash them out after you’ve eaten the food and reuse them later. Steering clear of plastic bags is simple, just by making sure you take your own tote with you for any unexpected purchases while you’re away on vacation.

Turn things off at home before you go

It makes sense to cut down on energy usage as much as possible when you leave your house for any period of time. You can make your vacation time even greener by reducing the electricity used while you are away. Switch off your air conditioning unite and any heaters, and if you must leave it on to protect your plants, adjust the settings appropriately.

You can also check that any appliances are left unplugged including televisions, cable boxes and converter boxes, as they will use up power even if they are not being fully operational. Getting a friendly neighbor to look after your premises while you are away will eradicate the need to use lights on a timer switch, as well as giving you added security. If you get milk or papers delivered usually, don’t forget to cancel the deliveries for the time you are away.


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