The Logmaker Eco Product Review

There is nothing better than having a roaring fire on the go during those cold winter months. Not only does an open fire warm a room quickly and effectively but the dancing flames and crackling sounds are soothing after a long day at work.

Cheap and cost effective logs

Keeping a fire going strong uses up many logs, which can be expensive and if not sourced naturally can be damaging to the environment. Step in the Logmaker a great little gadget that can save you money while at the same time reducing your household waste. In fact, the makers of the Logmaker claim that it can reduce your household waste by 30%.

Shredded junk mail, paper, newspaper, wrappings from food and household products, cardboard, tissue, nuts, tea bags, used coffee beans and all your burnable garden waste can be used as fuel for fire.

Depending on the materials used, your handmade logs could burn for up to one hour.

Easy to use

The Logmaker has a simple design, which makes it easy to load and use. It works on a plunger system whereby you line the Logmaker with some newspaper and seal the bottom end by pressing the plunger on the top. You then fill the Logmaker with your burnable household waste that you have collected; pressing on the plunger every now and then to compress the contents and keep it compacted.

To eject the recycled log you simply reverse the operation. The ends of the log are then twisted or slightly wetted to seal them and you have your first homemade free fuel supply. There is no waiting around for wood to dry, no seasoning, just instant useable logs.

Not only is the Logmaker great for use around the house but also because it is small and compact, it can be used when on camping trips or just for barbeques down the park.

Logmaker tip

Another great thing about the Logmaker is that while you are making your logs, instead of just putting in your recyclable items, why not add a stick of cinnamon or vanilla to create a beautiful smell while it burns. You can add any of your favorite spices as long as they will burn safely in an open fire.

The Logmaker is a great gift for someone who has an open fire in their house or just enjoys barbequing during the long hot summer days.

The Logmaker is available over the internet and retails at around $30. Delivery is fast and because it is small in size and weight, it does not cost the earth to ship.


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