Green Pet Ownership

Most people across the US and UK have a pet of some sort. As a nation of dog lovers, we like nothing more than to share our home with a pet. They brighten your day, are always pleased to see you (especially if you come with cookies), and provide a good excuse for keeping fit and staying de-stressed. Dogs are relatively easy to keep, but you may be wondering if there are ways to be green when it comes to housing your best friend.

The following tips have been pulled together to help you with green dog ownership, covering everything from finding your ideal pet to giving them a great eco-friendly environment to enjoy…

Finding your new best friend

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s no secret that there are always more dogs in the world than there are caring owners. If you are fond of recycling, it’s a great idea to choose a pre-loved dog rather than opting for a puppy if possible.

Local pounds and rescue centers are always desperate to source loving homes for their stray and unwanted dogs.
The benefit of going ‘recycled’ when it comes to your dog are numerous. First of all, you reduce the risk of your dog being purchased from a puppy farm. Your dog is likely to be trained already, meaning that you won’t have to go through the nightmare of teething, housebreaking and raising your pet from a few weeks old. While there are puppies available in most pounds, going for an older dog means that you can see them as they are, knowing they won’t grow into anything bigger than you expect. At the same time, you know you’re doing something fantastic for the millions of homeless animals out there looking to be loved.

Doing the right thing by your dog

Even if you do opt for a puppy, getting it neutered or spayed is a must. With so many unwanted pets out there, the last thing you want to do is add to the unwanted population. Spaying brings a number of other benefits too, making your dog calm and happy, improving behaviors and reducing aggression. What’s not to like?

DIY for dogs

More and more people are cottoning on to the idea of home-made toys for pets. A sturdy piece of string attached to a ball of socks can be just as entertaining for your pet as a store-bought toy which can house a number of harmful chemicals and substances. Get imaginative when it comes to ways to keep your dog entertained, and have some fun in the process.

Recycle waste products

A number of pet stores now sell gadgets which let you recycle dog waste without odor or mess. The specialist devices are designed to be inconspicuous and hygienic to use, and can be popped in to a corner of the garden without detracting from the overall look of your living space.

Try home-cooked foods

Dogs love to eat, and it most are not fussy when it comes to being catered for. Try your hand at cooking treats and meals for your dog based on organic, wholesome ingredients, and you can be confident that they are getting the best possible diet without chemicals, additives or unsavory waste products. Home cooking lets you have complete control over your dog’s diet, giving them nutrition and protein without anything unpleasant added in.


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