Solar Charger Backpack Eco Product Review

Anyone who regularly uses gadgets to keep their business and social life running smoothly will have been caught out, at some point, by a lack of charge. Running out of battery life on your cell phone or music player is a bit like having a part of you temporarily disabled, and it always seems to happen when you desperately need to make a call, or have a long stretch of time ahead that only a great album can while away for you.

All is not lost for green gadget enthusiasts, however, as a savvy company have developed the ultimate in practical charging accessories: The Infinit IV2.1 Solar Charger Backpack. This neat little bag features a 2.4W solar panel, which is discretely positioned in the front of the backpack, and used to charge up its internal battery. You can then take the green energy and use it to power up your cell phone, GPS device, iPod, or any other gadget that will accept power from a USB port.

Finally, an eco product that is as stylish as it is green

The solar panel is about the same size as a book, and looks stylish enough for you to take the bag from work to home without fearing being laughed at on the way. The bag is durable, black and understated, with a neat design and hard-wearing material. Not only does the bag look better than you would expect for a first-generation eco gadget, it also has a number of features to recommend it, including a retractable USB cable, an AC adapter plug, a removable rechargeable battery, eight different adaptors and a waterproof sack to cover the whole thing and protect it from the elements.

Great storage to take you from home to office to camp site

The Infinit has a great range of pockets and compartments to put all your gadgets, all of which are protected by a red interior netting. The main section of the bag is big enough to take binders and accessories, and there is a second slightly smaller section which is ideal for carrying your laptop safely. Your music player has its own section, which lets you thread headphones through to keep the device dry when you listen. Finally, a reinforced base and toughened handles make sure that the bag can take more weight than you would expect, without sagging.

Using the bag to charge your devices

The Infinit battery is easy to use. All you have to do is pop the battery in to a standard USB cable to charge, and you can remove the battery if you want to charge your devices without carting the bag along at the same time. Using the adaptors which you get with each gadget such as your cell phone or iPod make it easy to charge them, simply by plugging them in. an indicator lets you know when everything has charged up, and how much charge you actually have left in the battery itself. To get the battery back to full power, all you have to do is plug it in to the solar panel and let it do its stuff!

Overall, the Infinit is a highly stylish and convenient way of being green and getting some spare power for your favorite gadgets along the way. You can buy the Infinit IV2.1 Backpack for around $180, from a number of online retailers.

[Image credit: EnviroGadget]


3 thoughts on “Solar Charger Backpack Eco Product Review

  1. Very cool bag indeed. I wonder if it has enough juice to power a laptop or netbook. Sometimes, while on the go, I get caught when my laptop’s battery dies on me while in the middle of an important email or uploading. Really annoying. This might be a lifesaver if it can power a laptop for a small amount of time, just enough to finish the task.


  2. I have a question. Is the bag heavier than it should be because of the additional weight of the solar panels/cells? I like the design, not to mention it’s functionality. The solar cells are not too obviouus, well at least from the picture shown.


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