Solar Powered Watches Eco Product Review

The idea of a solar-powered watch may make you think of oversized sundials which will weigh your wrist down, but thankfully products have come on a long way since the invention of the first (far from stylish) solar powered timekeepers. Nowadays, as people become more eco-aware and realize the benefits of saving energy by using solar power to charge their key gadgets, designers are also catching on to the trend and producing some truly fantastic items for the fashion-conscious eco warriors among us.

Solar Watch

Watches are as much of a style statement as a great outfit or hair cut. We use watches to signify our preferences for sport, glamour or utility, and our choice of watch can say as much about us as the vehicle that we drive. Because of this, solar-powered timepieces have not been as popular as they could have been, because even the greenest of green consumers have been put off by the rather clumsy appearance of most products on the market.

All that, however, is just about to change. This week, we discovered the Waveceptor WVM120J-1. This little beauty is a water resistant watch with a range of uses and functions. It also happens to look fantastic. Powered by solar, the internal battery is charged by the sun, and runs by itself when charged through the darker hours.

Casio’s Waveceptor WVM120J-1 has a rugged water resistant digital screen that is attached to a resin band. The buckle fastening gives a nod to traditional styling, making it much more appealing than some of the Velcro fastening solar-powered watches on the market. With a black surround and silver casing, the watch looks compact enough to be a discrete accessory, but packs a punch when it comes to functionality.

The Solar Atomic watch features Multi-Band 5 functionality, giving it the power to receive signals from five worldwide towers. Casio have moved away from thinking of the solar watch as being the exclusive domain of sportsmen and people who enjoy the great outdoors, as the Waveceptor has a host of functions which mark it out as an ideal gadget for business people as well as divers! World time capability, five alarms and a silent mode mean that the watch can be worn from office to the beach with no problem. As it’s also water resistant to one hundred meters, there’s no issue with taking a swim after a long day at work.

In addition to the basics, the watch features four daily alarms and a snooze button, a stopwatch and lap time, split time and first/second placing time for runners and sportspeople. It also has a calendar and light which allows for timekeeping in the dark. If you are worried about losing power, don’t be. The Waveceptor features a display which lets you know how much charge you have left, and warns you when it needs to be popped in front of the sun to refuel. One full charge will keep the watch going for around eight months, meaning that you can use your annual vacation time to pretty much power it all year around!

The Waveceptor WVM120J-1 is manufactured by Casio, and available for around $79.


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