Duchy Organic Old Ruby Ale Eco Product Review

Green blogging offers so rare pleasures and review organic beer is one of them. Although I did have to buy this one myself!

I’ve reviewed Duchy Organic Ale a couple of times before (here and here) and enjoyed it. Duchy Originals is a brand of a range of food, drink and much more launched by Prince Charles, HRH the Prince of Wales,

Duchy Originals has teamed up with UK supermarket Waitrose to launch a new range and this Old Ruby Ale is one of them.

Duchy Organic Ruby Ale

Using an English barley first used in 1905 called Plumage Archer and grown at selected organic farms including Duchy Home Farm at Highgrove.

And like the other Duchy ales, it’s got a nice, strong flavour. As mentioned before I like my ale cold but with this I needed to wait a little for it to warm up until the flavours really came out. I’m no expert in describing the flavours but it has quite a rich and sharp taste at first that mellows into what I like to call a comfortable drinking ale.

As the name suggests it has quite a deep red colour too which stands it out from other beers I’ve tried recently.

Whil I commend it’s Soil Association Organic certification, drinking bottled beer always gives me a little guilt about the glass bottle. I will of course recycle it, but it would be good if it came in a recycled bottle to begin with.

This 5% alcohol by volume Duchy Organic Old Ruby Ale is Available from Waitrose and costs around £2 depending on what promotions are on. At the time of writing it was on special with 25% off.


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