Sustrans Says That Fare Increases Will Put Rail Travel On A Collision Course With Climate Change

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has issued an interesting press release which for once I’m going to replicate below. It’s something I’ve thought about quite a bit – encouraging people to use public transport and then regularly allowing large, over inflation price increases:

Massive rail fare increases are at odds with the Government’s pledges to cut carbon emissions and will mean long-term financial losses, says sustainable transport charity Sustrans.

Reports today indicate that rail fares could rise by up to 8 per cent next year, which Sustrans says will be a real barrier to people’s travel choice.

Peter Lipman, Sustrans’ Policy Director, said: “Rail offers a sustainable alternative to the car for long distance trips, so it is very disappointing to see the Government proposing significant increases on fares.

“Indeed, over the last 30 years public transport fares have consistently increased – often above the rate of inflation as in this case – whilst the cost of motoring has fallen by around 17 per cent in real terms.

“Presenting rail passengers with the biggest rise in ticket prices since privatisation in the 1990s will mean long term financial losses and remove travel choice from commuters looking to alternatives to car travel and congestion.”


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