GreenSmart Laptop Sleeve Eco Product Review

While actual computers have a long way to come in terms of being green, what we put them in is already there. GreenSmart has just released a range of environmentally friendly laptop sleeves and has sent us one to review.

The 15.4″ Akepa laptop sleeve – named after an endangered small yellow bird found in Hawaii – is made with what the company calls Neogreene.

A nice play on words. It’s a completely water-based material with none of the toxins or chemicals found in neoprene. And it’s soft to the touch inner lining is actually made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are ground up, washed and made into fiber, spun into yarn and woven into fabric. The overall process actually uses less energy than making polyester out of refined petroleum.

Akepa laptop sleeve

The company has a good policy too, not only does it try to manufacture and ship its products as greenly as possible, it donates 10% of its profit to the World Wildlife Fund.

The actual sleeve itself is well constructed. It’s strong with a double zip and has an elasticated hook on the inside for er hanging it up maybe? There is also a ventilated gusset meaning you can put your laptop in it while it’s still warm and it’ll be able to cool down okay. It comes in a range of colours – blue ice, grape, melon, azalea and the black version we received. Currently the design is inspired by the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

At almost $40 it’s not the cheapest on the market but certainly not the most expensive, and for something as well made and eco-friendly as it is I would suggest it’s a bargain.

The 15.4″ Akepa laptop sleeve is available from GreenSmart priced $39.95.


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