Vegetarian Butcher Opens In The Hague

While a lot people (mainly meat-eaters) find it odd, I’m a big fan of meat substitute food. Veggie sausages and veggie bacon are great when everyone else has a plate full of meat. And since you get stores dedicated to meat – a butchers – why not one dedicated to fake meat?

Well now one has opened in The Hague in Holland. De Vegetarische Slager concentrates on selling meat substitutes and also has its own line in products made from lupin seeds.

Time will tell to see if it takes off and is the first in a range of similar shops. I, for one, hope so.

De Vegetarische Slager

Spotted via: Springwise.


One thought on “Vegetarian Butcher Opens In The Hague

  1. This is definitely something new. I mean, the name butcher implies that it is meat, whether pork or beef or some other kind of meat. But a vegetarian butcher? Yes, only time will tell if it will take off and I cross my fingers it does. It’s good to have alternatives.


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