The Eco Gift Guide

The weather has turned colder, the nights are drawing in, and many people are turning to thoughts of Christmas and Thanksgiving, and buying gifts for friends and family. As soon as the TV adverts commercials start to feature Santa, you know it’s time to write your Christmas list and work out what you are going to buy for people to open on the big day.

A great way of helping the environment and supporting the people around you to do the same is to buy green gifts for everyone. This helps to highlight awareness of the environment, and also makes sure you can buy ethical products which bring added value to the people who sell them, as well as supporting your friends and family to be environmentally friendly.

The good thing about buying in this way is, that people are cottoning on to the huge market out there for green gifts, and this means there is a huge range of beautiful products out there that will suit your budget and needs without compromising on quality or the pleasure your recipients will get from your gift.

Choosing the right green gifts for those you care about
There are a huge number of green traders available to browse online. Start with Miki, a cool and green site designed to help you find the latest organic, recycled or innovative eco gifts. Your next port of call could be Good Green Gifts which features some beautiful gifts including recycled glass products, and a range of lovely items ordered by which room in the house they are designed for.

If there is someone you know who is a gadget enthusiast, look no further than, which features every imaginable kind of green gadget from solar chargers right through to power meters. If you are looking for something a little unique, why not head over to Project Concern, where you can purchase a gift of life ā€“ supporting people to live well, and be healthy, through green sponsorship and support.

Other gift ideas include supporting people and the environment by sponsoring a family in a third-world country, adopting an endangered animal or simply donating to great causes on behalf of your friends and family.

The best things come in green packaging
There are a number of ways you can counter the environmental impact of the festive season when it comes to wrapping your gifts. Try using recycled paper to wrap your gifts, with some organic ribbon for an original and visually-appealing twist on a traditional gift wrap. Instead of using cards which have been made from unsustainable sources, check out the recycled options available, or consider donating to your favorite green charity instead of sending out expensive, and environmentally-harmful, options.

When all this is done, you can feel proud of your contribution to the environment without letting your friends and family down ā€“ a thought that will make you feel smug as you head off to recycle your Christmas cards!


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