DIY Christmas Gifts

If you’re on the countdown to Christmas and you’re already breaking a sweat about all the gifts you need to buy for friends, family and loved ones then fear not. We’ve got some top tips, ideas and inspiration to help you create our very own green gifts that will inspire and delight your nearest and dearest.

The first rule is that you don’t actually need to spend any money at all. When we’re shopping in a rush, the first thing we tend to do is reach for our wallets, buying something expensive to compensate for the lack of thought we’ve put into our gifts. But expensive is not always best, and most people prefer something creative and personal which reflects your relationship with them.

The list of ideas below is designed to inspire you to think creatively about how you can make, create and personalize gifts which don’t involve damaging or spending the earth! Good luck.

1. Knit someone a scarf
Knitting is a great skill and a wonderful pastime, especially if you commute into work everyday. There are plenty of knitting circles around, and if you don’t fancy knitting a scarf, how about an ipod cover or a pair of socks?

2. Chocolate magic!
If you’re a chocoholic, why not try your hand at making your own signature chocolates? You can attend short courses or download recipes from the web to create your own unique combination of tastes and flavors. Or you can simply melt down some varieties of organic chocolate, pop them in an ice-cube tray and then in the fridge to re-set.

3. Love your old photos
Old family photos can be a wonderful surprise gift – why not pop into your local charity or thrift shop, where you can find some beautiful, original picture frames. Or better still, if you have an artistic friend, why not ask them to paint an artist’s interpretation of the photo to present to your loved ones? A unique and original gift that will bring wonderful memories flooding back.

4. Make a fairytale come true!
If you’ve got children to buy for, why not make them a personalized fairytale book, replacing the lead character/hero/heroine of the story with them? Alternatively, frame a picture of their favorite fairytale character which they can hang in their bedroom.

5. Personalized recipe book
If you have some top secret recipes that are admired by others, then it’s time that you wrote your very own limited edition recipe book. You don’t have to give away all your secret ingredients of course, and you’ll be guaranteed a delicious meal every time you visit the recipients!

6. Teacup candles
Your local thrift store is likely to stock pretty teacups and saucers for less than a dollar. Choose a matching cup and saucer and then create a candle in a cup! Melt the wax and pour into a cup, adding fragrance if you wish (cinnamon sticks are great at this time of year), add the wick and leave to set. A gorgeous, personalized gift for any home!

7. The gift of you
The most important and special gift you can give others is the gift of your time. So if you have a friend who needs a babysitter or a gym buddy or someone to help them redecorate their kitchen or fix their PC, why not give them a personalized gift certificate – sharing your time and talents to make a difference.

There are literally hundreds of ways to personalize your Christmas gifts – all it takes is a little time, some creativity – and a sprinkling of elf dust! Happy holidays!


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