The Compost Cab

We’re all a bit concerned by the taxi culture that sees people taking short journeys around the city, with serious consequences for the environment. But here’s a cab with a difference. The ‘Compost Cab,’ brainchild of social entrepreneur Jeremy Brosowsky, recently launched in Washington DC, to enable city-dwellers to compost their organic waste.

For those of us living in small apartments, the idea of composting our waste is pretty much a non-starter. With space at a premium, composting can seem impractical. And then there’s the smell. Rotting food in confined spaces – not a great combination. Enter the Compost Cab – an eco-friendly service which provides city residents with a trash bin which they can fill with organic and biodegradable household waste.

Compost Cab

Hail the affordable eco-cab
For a mere $8 per week, Compost Cab offers a weekly compost pick-up service, taking household waste to nearby urban farms, to help enrich the soil and increase the quality of organic produce grown there. It’s a win-win solution, which allows more people to compost everyday organic waste while reducing landfill and bringing more high quality, organic produce to market.

Compost Cab is committed to building and rewarding customer loyalty. After nine months, all scheme participants will be entitled to return deliveries of rich, composted soil, to help with their own home-grown projects. Because Compost Cab weighs your weekly compost output, each household can claim up to 10 percent of the composted soil for free! Those who choose not to claim their soil allocation can donate it to Engaged Community Offshoots (ECO), Compost Cab’s primary composting partner, and they’ll use it to grow nutritious, healthy food for local kids.

From rooftop to road
Brosowsky was inspired to develop the Compost Cab idea following his attendance at a Growing Power course on commercial urban agriculture. Passionate about the possibilities of setting up sustainable rooftop farms in the heart of the city’s poorer neighborhoods, Brosowsky set about finding new ways to incentivize and support inner-city food production.

Brosowsky knew all about the challenges of composting in the city, and had been puzzling for some time over ways to create affordable, odor-free composting units for fellow city-dwellers. He claims the basic idea for Compost Cab was fleshed out in a day, and yet already he has a strong residential customer-base as well as a community composting facility at the local Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market, demonstrating the demand for his service.

To date, Compost Cab has focused on recruiting residential customers. However, Brosowsky won’t stop there – he’s keen to engage restaurants, coffee shops, big business and even city governments to get in on the act. It seems that he has created a powerful eco-franchise, which could see Compost Cabs popping up in cities everywhere.

It’s startling to learn that the average American family is producing more than 500 pounds of surplus organic waste every year. Composting not only helps to prevent this waste from ending up in toxic landfill – but it also reduces our food miles, by allowing local farmers to successfully grow organic produce in the fertile, natural soil surrounding our cities.

For more information about the Compost Cab or to sign up, visit


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