There’s an App for that

Digital technology is revolutionizing our interactions with people and planet. And if you’re committed to improving your green credentials, there’s probably an App for that. It may have taken the developers a little time to catch on, but green Apps are on the rise, putting eco-friendly information at your fingertips.

There’s now a stunning array of applications available to download – with helpful ideas and advice on everything from home energy management and recycling, to transport and shopping. We’ve pulled together a few that we like – but with new Apps sprouting up everyday, there’s never been a better time to explore the potential of digital technology to help you live a greener life!

Ten of the best

1. iGrowIt — $0.99
Learn which vegetables you can grow right now, as well as handy hints and tips for improving your green fingers. Also provides a range of recipes so you can take your produce from the garden to the kitchen table!

2. Seafood Watch — Free
Seafood Watch, developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, is a searchable guide which helps you make responsible and sustainable seafood choices at local grocery stores and restaurants.

3. FindGreen — Free
This little App has aggregated more than 56,000 green and sustainable businesses to help you make positive choices that will reduce your impact on the environment. FindGreen has everything from vegetarian restaurants to local yoga centers, making it easy to choose green.

4. Cruelty Free — Free
This handy shopping App helps you shop for cruelty-free cosmetics and household cleaning products. The App lists over 200 US and Canadian-based businesses that do not test their ingredients or products on animals.

5. Craigslist — Free
Can you imagine life without it? Craigslist is a great place to post your items for sale or freecycle. It’s really user-friendly too, with image previews, maps, searches, forums and more.

6. Zipcar — Free
Reducing the number of cars on the road, this handy little car-hire service allows you to find available Zipcars in your local area, make reservations, and even lock or unlock the car!

7. Carticipate — Free
If car pooling is your thing, hook up with Carticipate. Enter your destination and Carticipate will find people that are going your way. You can hitch a ride or invite others to share your vehicle.

8. Green Charging — $0.99
Instead of leaving your phone on charge all evening, download Green Charging. When you plug your phone in to charge, you can launch the App and it will tell you with sound/vibration when your battery is fully charged. Simple!

9. Get Green — $0.99
Get Green provides you with daily top tips and ideas to tackle climate change. There are tips on going green in your workplace, reducing energy consumption – and even ways to make your Halloween green! And if you’re planning to tie the knot this year, this App can help you plan the perfect green wedding.

10. Green Me — $1.99
This is your own personal green audit. Every day, the calendar asks you to list five green actions you’ve taken. The calendar will automatically change its shade of green, depending on just how conscientious you’ve been that day. A handy way to track your commitment to living a greener life.


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