Electricity-Generating Gyms Arrive In Portland, Oregon

How are your new year’s fitness resolutions going? If one of your goals involves becoming a more regular gym user, then here’s a gym with a difference! The Green Microgym, launched in Portland, Oregon, has been designed to help improve your personal health and fitness, as well as making a positive impact on the environment.

The Green Micro-gym is a world-first – with special machines which are designed to harness the energy generated through a person’s workout, and then use it to provide the electricity needed to run the gym. Based on the principle of conserving and using energy and efficiently and effectively as possible, the Green Micro-gym is committed to ensuring that nobody’s workout goes to waste.

Powering your workout

Many gyms compete to have state-of-the-art equipment, digital technology, music and entertainment which aim to set them apart from the competition. The Green Microgym is also committed to state-of-the-art equipment – which not only allows patrons to enjoy their workout – but actually helps them to power it too.

The machines at the gym are specially designed to harvest the energy generated through aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and returning it to the gym’s own electricity grid, thereby powering the building. One gym user’s cycle is powering the lights while another gym user’s run is powering the TV’s or music. Everybody at the gym is in it together – working hard to improve their personal fitness whilst also investing their energy in keeping their gym running too.

Making your workout count

The Green Microgym’s statistics are impressive. During 2009, the gym managed to generate 36% of its own electricity, using both human and solar power. It also managed to save over 37,000 Kilowatt hours, which translates into over 81,000 miles not driven or 15 acres of newly planted trees. It’s hard to dispute a business model which uses its customers to drive down costs, reducing electricity, water and heating bills while helping everyone feel better about themselves and the planet.

And of course the gym’s ethical credentials go beyond generating energy to also encourage energy efficiency and green behavior from staff and customers alike. This includes:

• Member-controlled lights, fans and other appliances which are only switched on when required
• Re-usable water bottles
• Eco-friendly cleaning supplies, detergents and soaps
• Recycled paper products
• Solar panels on the building to generate additional energy

The best news of all is that The Green Microgym is now offering franchises across 30 states in the US, demonstrating the success of this eco-friendly approach to exercise. Founder Adam Boesel remains absolutely committed to creating community-powered gyms in towns and cities throughout the country, and has even considered ways of harnessing the energy delivered through Green Microgym workouts and connecting it to the national grid.

As the Green Microgym website explains:

‘You power your gym. Friends and neighbors sweating it out together, all in the name of feeling good. About themselves, about their community, about their gym and about the world.’

Now who can argue with that?


One thought on “Electricity-Generating Gyms Arrive In Portland, Oregon

  1. I’d like to use either a rowing machine or some other exercise machine to pump water from a well – do you know of anyone who sells such a device (in Africa preferrably).
    Also such an exercise machine that can generate electricity in places that are off the grid.(Like in rural Africa).
    Thank you.


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