Eight Fresh Ways to Recycle Electronics

As “e-waste” becomes a bigger and bigger problem with every new iPhone model or higher definition TV off the line, the folks over at FreeShipping.org have put together a list. Given the breakneck pace at which technology is reinvented, multiple organizations across the country have taken it upon themselves to handle the e-waste problem. They provide the average consumer with multiple ways to recycle electronics sustainably, responsibly and, occasionally, at a profit.

Read more at 8 Fresh Ways to Recycle Electronics.

A couple of examples from the site:

1. e-Stewards
The e-Stewards initiative is leading the global charge to foster e-waste awareness and responsible electronics recycling programs. Started by the Seattle-based non-profit Basal Action Network, it borrows the fair trade mentality of global agriculture and applies it to hazardous materials.

2. Local Recycle Centers
The Environmental Protection Agency put together a comprehensive list of electronics recycling programs in all 50 states. The links lead directly to state-funded pages where you’ll find info on various sustainable programs.

Read more at 8 Fresh Ways to Recycle Electronics


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