Eco Nation Universal Eco Speakers Eco Product Review

Maybe I’ve been out of the loop but I didn’t know such amazing things as these existed – build your own speakers. Well you don’t actually really need to build much as the electronics are done for you but these Eco Speakers are great.

I received them as a present so no idea where they came from but it was like a nod back to my childhood. With the complicated bits done all for you, all that’s left for you to do is put the cardboard backing together in a box shape and then decorate it to your heart’s content.

Eco Nation speakers

Which I haven’t done yet but I will when artistic inspiration hits me. The speakers are powered by the mp3 player, iPod or laptop you connect it to so you don’t need another power source. They’re probably useful as travel speakers but as they’re made of cardboard you’ll have to be careful not to rip them as they’ll be difficult to repair easily.

Fun as a gift and quite useful round the house, have found myself using them more than I would have thought. Available online from places like Amazon, Eco Nation Universal Eco Speakers cost between £7-20.00 depending on what type you get.


2 thoughts on “Eco Nation Universal Eco Speakers Eco Product Review

  1. Wow! thats so cool 🙂 they also seem small and portable, possibly the perfect summer speaker! As they don’t need additional power i can see myself getting some terrific use out of these on the beach this summer 🙂 thanks for the great tip!


  2. Lots of small speakers only use the power from the audio cable. That doesn’t make them eco. And “travel speakers”?? Come on, most products that are for travelling aren’t eco, they”re just made for a consumerist life-style… a bad excuse for buying more when you own too much. You’re going to use these speakers a couple of times and then toss them.


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