Cleaning Up Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of the worst landfill offenders in the US. It is estimated that every year, some 6-8 billion pounds of cat litter are deposited in US landfills, making it the third major cause of waste, after diapers and newspapers. In recent years, a range of alternative cat litter products have been developed, including more environmentally friendly, biodegradable brands.

However, disposing of cat litter remains the major problem. The unpleasant smell associated with used cat litter inevitably means that it will be emptied into a plastic bag and dumped in the trash – finding its way to the nearest landfill site where it will remain untreated and unable to be recycled in any meaningful way. But what’s the alternative? Well, John King from Phoenix, Arizona thinks he’s come up with a solution.

Introducing EnviroKats

Rather unusually, John’s cat litter idea started in a tire shop, when he went in search of new tires for his vehicle. Crumb Rubber Manufacturers charged John $2.50 to dispose of each of his old tires, and when John inquired about the volume of tires being processed by CRM, he was staggered to learn that the company was processing 300,000 pounds of old tires every single day.

Traditionally, the old tires were being re-used for a range of purposes including playgrounds and making asphalt, but a large number were also ending up in landfill. So, John, a cat lover with 5 of his own pet cats at home, got thinking about how the tires could help to create a new cat litter solution – and EnviroKats was born.

How EnviroKats works

The EnviroKats cat litter kit contains around 18 pounds of recycled tires, which are intended to be 100% re-usable. The traditional tray-shaped cat litter container has been designed with a small release valve at the bottom of the tray for easy cleaning, enabling cat owners to gently rinse the recycled tires and then drain away the effluent. Another major benefit of the EnviroKats system is the odor-absorbing qualities of the tires, which don’t require any additional additives or chemicals to do their job.

As a cat owner himself, John tried the product on his own pets, and now all 5 of his cats are using one litter tray. John also recruited other cat owners to trial his product with similarly successful results.

It’s clear the the benefits of the EnviroKats system are huge – for cat lovers and the environment. For owners, the cost savings alone can be significant, with some users reporting savings of up to $50 per month, as they no longer require large quantities of replacement cat litter for their pets. In addition, the system reduces the odors associated with traditional cat litter, and owners are not faced with the unpleasant task of regularly emptying and re-filling their cat litter trays.

The environmental benefits of John’s invention are significant too. Not only is John diverting old tires from landfill and recycling them for another purpose, but his product also reduces the need for harmful strip-mining used to produce more traditional cat litters. And of course, if the EnviroKats system takes off, we could see a significant reduction in the amount of cat litter ending up in landfill, which is good news for everyone.

To find out more about EnviroKats, visit .


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