Green Tee

Now, when you look at the title of this blog post, you could be forgiven for thinking one of two things:

a) That I’m about to launch into a spiel about the wonderful anti-oxidants contained in a certain variety of tea…or;
b) There’s a typo in the title of this post.

I forgive you loyal reader. On the contrary, I plan to discuss neither. Instead, I want to introduce you to They sell t-shirts. Environmentally friendly t-shirts in fact. See what I did there? But they’re not just any old t-shirts. They’re t-shirts with a clear, strong message.

Warning: If you’re of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

WTF! Recycle Already!

Unapologetically frank, greenflyshop is all about getting to the point. And fast. Their t-shirts work on the premise by now, just about everyone should be aware that our planet is in peril, and that changing our behavior is the only way to change our environmental destiny. On entering the site, greenflyshop explains that their products are designed ‘…for the green activist who’s tired of people who still don’t get it.’

And I guess there are a fair amount of those people in our every day lives, who for one reason or another, are aware of the environmental challenges facing the country and the globe, but either don’t recognize – or in fact, refuse to accept that they can do anything to make a difference.

Greenflyshop uses its clothing products to target those people, designing hard-hitting statement t-shirts which are designed to make people stop and think. They recognize that the sentiments expressed in their t-shirts are not up everyone’s alley, so they print the following warning:

‘Warning: not for pansies, wimps, cry-babies, whiners, the faint of heart, people easily offended or boring folks that are just like everybody else.’

Act like you live here

Their clothing products demonstrate real bravery and an opportunity to address in a frank and honest way some of the attitudinal shifts that are likely to be required in order to make meaningful progress on changing people’s environmental habits for the better.

T-shirt statements include ‘I’m Green and I will kick your ass,’ ‘Green Mother F*cker,’ ‘Act like you live here,’ and ‘Recycle b*tch!’ are definitely entertaining, controversial, and for some, perhaps a little gratuitous. But one thing’s for sure – they create impact.

And of course, they’re made from 100% organic cotton, manufactured by companies participating in the Fair Labor Association, which monitors international labor standards and campaigns worldwide to improve the working conditions of staff on the production lines.

So, if you find yourself frustrated by other people’s lack of commitment to green issues, and you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to say, why not get it off your chest with a greenflyshop t-shirt? You’re pretty much guaranteed to get your message across! Go here to purchase your green tee (or hat or bag).


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