Green Is The New Black When It Comes To PC Cases

If you thought that technology and the environment did not sit comfortably together, think again. Savvy PC marketers are catching on to the fact that we don’t just want products that look good and fit our budget, we also want to make sure that we make the minimal negative impact on the environment when we purchase our accessories for work and home.

Because of this, a range of companies have come up with superb solutions that are affordable, look great, and don’t have an associated cost in terms of their environmental impact, meaning that we can have it all when we kit out our offices and homes with the best gadgets and gizmos for our technological requirements.

The following PC cases have been picked for their unique blend of stylish looks and eco-friendliness, showing that it is possible to be both green and cool!


‘Sarah’ by Lameco

It may have a bit of a strange name for a PC case, but this green PC case is as good as it gets when it comes to combining usability with eco-awareness. The ‘Sarah’ case by Lameco is made completely of environmentally-friendly recycled woods, so doesn’t have any harmful toxins or chemicals involved in its manufacture. Even the mouse and keyboard for this eco treasure are completely wooden, meaning that the whole ensemble looks great and can be purchased without losing your green credentials. The downside of ‘Sarah’ is that it is very expensive, retailing at a sturdy $1,600. With the best will in the world, only the seriously committed (and slightly well off) green warrior can shell out for something quite so expensive, even if you are saving the environment along the way.

Cardboard casings are the new plastics

If you’re looking for the ultimate PC casing with minimal environmental impact, then cardboard has to come pretty high on the list of eco solutions. The Lupo Corporation now provides just the thing, with a one hundred percent cardboard casing which can be assembled as you would a box – just push out the perforations and your case is ready to use. Biodegradable and funky to boot, the casing is great to look at, but not overly practical if it happens to get wet, or is mistaken for something that needs to go in to the recycling bin…

Valerie Beetle

The Valerie Beetle case was invented by a Ukraine person, who came up with only one of its kind. The very unusual nature of the case means that it is highly sought after, and it is unusual because it looks as if it is made of metal, even though the casing is actually wooden. Read more about it here.


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