It’s A Nice Day For A Green Wedding

Have you been to a wedding recently, where the bride didn’t wear white? These days, anything seems to go when it comes to weddings, and our traditionalist take on wedding attire and customs has been replaced with a much more easygoing outlook. There are a number of different reasons for this – marriages being conducted in unusual places have led to a relaxing of the rules. Another reason could be down to the vast environmental impact which a traditional white wedding can have, and the realization by the bride and groom that they can dispense with tradition and go for a green, rather than a traditional white, wedding.

Because of the chemicals which go in to making the wedding dress, the impact upon the environment for having a big white wedding can be immense. Chlorine bleach and other harmful toxins are often used to make wedding gowns the brilliant white which we associate with the traditional bride, and they are a far cry from the eco-friendly dresses which we can source today.

Getting a dress which has been whitened with vegetable dyes can be just as visually stunning, but without the associated cost to the environment. If you’d rather opt for something a little less mainstream, why not consider going organic with your dress, getting one made up from bamboo, hemp fibers, silk or organic cottons? All of these fabrics can come unbleached, meaning your wedding dress is truly eco-friendly.

With the current passion for vintage sweeping the fashion scene at the moment, another great way of doing your bit for the environment while having a dream wedding is to opt for a second-hand wedding dress. Choose from a wide range of eras to get the best style to suit your personal taste, and recycle in the best possible way by making a real fashion statement at the same time. Vintage Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian dresses can be hired or picked up second hand, in addition to cheaper versions from the sixties, seventies and eighties eras depending upon your ideal fashion preferences. If you’re not sure where to start looking for vintage, head on to Ebay first for ideas, and narrow your search down once you have gained an idea of the type of wedding gown you’d like to go for.

If you do decide to go vintage, you can take things one step further and provide a themed wedding for your guests,. Tie in the groom’s outfit and even the décor of the venue in to your theme, to make your wedding dress the focal point of the day. A sixties-inspired wedding, or a more classical and traditional Victorian event can make a huge style statement, and also offer ample opportunities for recycling, reducing the cost of your day overall, and (best of all) staying green, for your white wedding.


One thought on “It’s A Nice Day For A Green Wedding

  1. Eco-friendly wedding planner are common nowadays. They use organic material for the over-all theme of the wedding. Furthermore, there are second hand wedding dress that can be purchase in order to minimize the production of wedding dress.


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