Tesco Offering Extra Points for Being Green


Supermarket chain Tesco is one of a number of large firms taking the environment more seriously these days. It recently introduced ‘green’ clubcard points. Instead of just getting points for spending money (points equate to money off vouchers, although there are better ways to use them, look here) you also get ‘green’ points for reusing carrier bags.

Well from Monday until Easter they now offer double ‘green’ points for buying any organic, Fairtrade or Eco-friendly products. They include Fairtrade fruit and coffee, organic bread, energy saving lightbulbs and degradable refuse sacks.

This is a great idea and a good incentive for people to think and buy more ethically and environmentally, but why only till Easter? Is it just to grab attention for a short while? I’d prefer it if it was an ongoing scheme that helped change people’s shopping behaviour.


6 thoughts on “Tesco Offering Extra Points for Being Green

  1. I agree – why only till Easter?
    I don’t think that offering ‘green points’ are enough of an incentive. If they charged for new plastic bags or alternatively used paper bags this may have more of an effect?


  2. I think charging for them is a great idea, like they do in Northern Ireland. I have so many extra bags I take them back to Waitrose to be recycled. I have the “bags for life” but you have to remember to have them with you.
    Paper bags have been tried but are impractical in a counrty where a lot of people walk home with the bags, rather than in the car, as in America. If there was an option of paper OR plastic then that would be a good start in my opinion.


  3. Ah but in Ireland where they charged for plastic bags, sales of bin bags increased greatly and they take even longer to degrade and are worse for the environment. I don’t think charging for bags is the answer. Reusing is the best idea I reckon.


  4. I’m the same as you Joel, I also have a “bag for life” but end up with loads of spare ones to be recycled. Adam – I didn’t know that had happened in Ireland but I still don’t think that Green Points will be enough of an incentive to get people reusing bags. Does any one know of a similar scheme that works?


  5. Hmmm I know what you mean but I’m still not convinced by charging for them. I suppose if they made my shopping cheaper I’d be happy about it, but supermarkets will just keep the money you pay for bags wouldn’t they?

    If they gave you a discount of every bag you reused that might be a good idea – I suppose that’s the idea of green points, just points instead of pence, so maybe it won’t work!

    Maybe they shouldn’t have bags at all and people will just have to carry the stuff in their pockets, hands, or those trollies old ladies have!


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