December 2021

How Your Shopping Choices Affect The Environment

Doing your weekly grocery store shopping may seem like a simple errand you need to do, but what’s in store can actually make a pretty big impact on the environment. There is a lot that goes into the food you eat from producing to packaging to distributing to your table. All these steps along the

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5 Reliable TV Service Providers in Louisiana

Acquiring the right TV service for your home is an important decision to make. We are not saying that it is a “life and death” scenario, but the choice of TV service will determine the level of relaxation you feel when you get home. The perfect TV service is one that not only provides a

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Why is piano a difficult instrument to learn?

According to a recent BBC report, over 1 million people in the UK decided to learn an instrument during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that  music retailers have reported a huge surge in sales over the past year. However, despite the idea of learning to play an instrument rising in popularity,

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