3 Must-Haves to Help You On Your Scriptures Journey

Studying the scriptures is very important, but it can sometimes be difficult. The sacred insights are vital to your spiritual growth, but gaining and understanding can take time and a lot of hard work. Having help in your studying can help you more than you know. So, here are three must-haves  to help you on your scripture study journey.

1. Study Guide

This might remind you of high school, but study guides are an amazing resource when it comes to studying the scriptures. There are many different ones to choose from. For example, the Come Follow Me study guide is a great resource. It combines the help of a study guide with the Come Follow Me curriculum. The study guide provides guidance and help in the form of notes and prompts. It also had the added benefit of Come Follow Me. So, you’ll be able to study in conjunction with church lessons.

2. A Study Buddy or Study Group

Personal study of the scriptures is so important when it comes to the scriptures. However, once you’ve done your personal study, it might be great to speak with other friends who are studying the same scripture section as you. Think of it like a study group where you can get together and talk about all the insights you’ve each discovered. This can open your mind to so much more than you had thought of originally. Others can share ideas that might spark more inspiration. So, get together a group of friends and set up a weekly time to meet and discuss your study. You could even combine it with going to lunch together.

3. Study Journal

A great way to study the scriptures is by reading and taking notes. By journaling your insights, you’ll be able to do several things. The first is you’ll be able to take note of the impressions and thoughts that come to you. This is a great way to receive personal revelation and a greater understanding of what you’re reading. The second is that you’ll be able to revisit your notes every time you read the scriptures. This means additional insights and ideas every time you study the scriptures. The third is that your scripture journals will be around for your family to study, even after you’re gone. So, you can pass the knowledge you’ve gained on to your posterity.This is an amazing gift for your family that they will treasure forever.

If you’re having a hard time with your scripture study, don’t give up! There are so many wonderful insights to be gained. Hopefully, these three suggestions will make it even easier and more meaningful for you.

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