5 ways to avoid depression when your holiday ends

So the holiday is over and its back to your everyday ordinary life. It can be a real shock to the system, just a few days ago you were hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home enjoying the best days of your life. Today you’re back at your desk catching up on emails.

We’ve found ourselves in this position so many times that we thought it was time to take action and share some helpful tips on how you can get rid of those post-holiday blues.

Print out the pictures

Not so long-ago photo labs were the only way to get your photos printed. Smartphone technology means that whilst more people may be taking photographs not as many are printing them out, instead preferring to reminisce by looking at their phone’s photo gallery or by uploading them to social media.

Simply printing the photo onto any surface can give you an instant reminder of your holiday joy that can instantly perk up your mood.

Don’t turn off the holiday playlist

Keep those holiday tunes pumping! Sound is a powerful tool to help move you through space and time. Simply switching on the playlist, you listened to whilst away can make feel like you never left. Even better you may be able to find ambient noise from places you visited, add a surround sound system or a pair of noise-cancelling earphones and you quickly will feel like you never left.

Bring the sun back with you

The vast majority of holidays include chasing the sun around the globe, if this is you then there are things that you can do to recreate that holiday brightness.

Simply opening your curtains or blinds more often is a quick way to top up the vitamin d that you may be lacking. If your hometown is particularly dark or you are not lucky enough to have large windows then consider investing in LED bulb technology. LEDs can get exceptionally close to daylight’s colour temperature, and companies like All Lights can have your bulb shipped out to you free and fast.

Eat the same food

So as far as we know companies like Uber Eats do not do international food deliveries so you may have to settle with local takeaways that happen to serve the same cuisine as your holiday destination. Or if you are feeling particularly adventurous then why not head to the supermarket and try and cook your favourite overseas recipes yourself. Not only will you get the joy of slowly getting to perfect your favourite holiday recipes, you also will be picking up lots of new transferable skills along the way.

Start researching your next trip

The easiest way to get over your last trip is to start researching your next. The anticipation of another holiday is the perfect distraction from your previous trip, especially if you are picking a new destination and so you have to start from scratch with flights, hotels or lists of things to do whilst you are there

Do all the above

So picking one or two options from the above may partially distract you from your holiday blues, but we are pretty confident that if you did all of them you would have the best chance of avoiding post-holiday blues altogether.

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