7 UK Comedy Festivals Not to Miss – From London Comedy Clubs to Fringe, These Fests Will Keep You Laughing

Comedy is a universal language that brings people together. In the United Kingdom, comedy festivals have become a beloved yearly activity, attracting local and international talent to showcase their humour.

From the bustling streets of Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival to the intimate stages of London comedy clubs, there’s something for every comedy enthusiast. If you like a good laugh, these seven UK comedy festivals should not be missed.

1. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is perhaps the most iconic comedy festival in the world. Every August, the Scottish capital transforms into a hub of creativity, with thousands of shows taking place in various venues. From stand-up to sketch comedy, improv, and everything in between, the Fringe offers an unparalleled variety of comedic performances. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover emerging comedians and catch top-notch acts from around the globe.

2. Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of comedy, but it’s home to one of the UK’s largest and most diverse comedy festivals. The Leicester Comedy Festival takes place in February and boasts an impressive lineup of established comedians and up-and-coming talent. With hundreds of shows spread across numerous venues, this festival is a must-visit for comedy lovers looking for a diverse range of acts.

3. Machynlleth Comedy Festival

Nestled in the beautiful landscapes of Wales, the Machynlleth Comedy Festival offers a unique and intimate comedy experience. Held in May, this festival features top comedians performing in small, charming venues, including pubs, cafes, and even the local bowling alley. It’s a perfect opportunity to see big names up close and discover new favourites in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4. Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Scotland’s largest comedy festival, the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, takes place in March, offering a vibrant mix of local and international talent. With over a month of side-splitting performances, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch your favourite comedians and explore the city’s rich cultural scene.

5. London Comedy Festival

As the UK’s capital, London naturally has a thriving comedy scene. While not a single festival in the traditional sense, London hosts numerous comedy events and shows throughout the year. Famous venues like the Comedy Carnival regularly feature top comedians, making it easy to catch a laugh in the capital city.

6. Brighton Comedy Festival

Brighton’s seaside charm provides a delightful backdrop for the Brighton Comedy Festival, held in October. This festival showcases a fantastic mix of comedy styles, from stand-up to improv, and attracts some of the biggest names in the industry. With its picturesque setting and diverse comedy lineup, Brighton is an excellent destination for a weekend of laughter.

7. Manchester Comedy Festival

Manchester is known for its rich cultural heritage and also hosts a vibrant comedy festival. The Manchester Comedy Festival takes place in October and features a range of comedy acts, from local talent to international headliners. With events across the city, you’ll have plenty of options for your comedy fix.

If you’re a comedy enthusiast, the United Kingdom offers a plethora of laughter-inducing festivals and events throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a dose of humour in a London comedy club or a quirky comedy experience in Scotland, these seven comedy festivals will surely keep you entertained. So mark your calendars and prepare for a hilarious journey through the UK’s comedy scene because these festivals will not be missed!

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