Benefits to Rural Living

There are plenty of benefits to moving to somewhere a little more rural including improved mental health, better physical health and a better work and life balance. Shared ownership is a great way to move to the countryside, making it more affordable and allowing you to part-buy and part-rent your home while managing a small mortgage and even smaller deposit. So what are the best bits about moving to a more countryside setting and how can it improve your health and your outlook on life?


A slower pace to life


Whether you’re looking at a shared ownership apartment in Medway or a family home in North Yorkshire, one of the main benefits to moving somewhere a little further from the city is the slower pace of life. Taking life at a more relaxed pace helps reduce stress, will improve your sleep and will better help you manage your time between work and leisure. Plenty of research has shown that taking life at a slower pace can improve the longevity of your life and the overall quality. With the more relaxed feel you can be more assertive about the time you allow yourself to work and the time you have to spend with the people you love. The slower pace will certainly help you feel more in control rather than simply getting lost in emails, running errands and the daily rush hour.


Less Pollution


Experiencing less pollution is something you may not think about often but it can have a big impact on your overall life. Fresh air really makes a big difference to your health so a big home at the foot of the Kent Downs could improve the way you both think and feel compared to that of a home in a busy town centre. A shared ownership home in Maidstone is the perfect countryside escape while having efficient links to London should you need to venture out for a spot of retail therapy and a fancy brunch. But with reduced light pollution you can enjoy better sleep and with healthier air you can experience a better quality of life, reduced illness and is something you definitely want to consider if you have allergies or asthma.


Improved Health and Wellness


One of the best parts about moving to the countryside is the vast array of walks you can enjoy from hilly hikes to riverside strolls. Getting your steps in is one of the best ways you can improve both for your physical fitness and your mental health and with some stunning views to enjoy along the way it’s better than an hour on the treadmill at the gym. Shared ownership homes in Surbiton are a great way to enjoy the benefits of those outdoor walks especially with the Kent countryside on your doorstep while having Kingston-upon-Thames at your disposal.


A Close and Safe Community


If you’ve ever spent time in a rural village you’ll know there’s a different sense of community that you simply don’t get with an apartment in London. Countryside towns, parishes and villages are ideal to bring up a family and you can always count on friendly neighbours and a warm community to welcome you and have you feeling safe and comfortable. With plenty of shared ownership properties available at you can find a countryside property and enjoy all the benefits of going rural.

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