Tapping In To The Eco Car Market

Unless you’ve been lying under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll probably have heard about the new trend for eco-friendly cars. Hydrogen fuel is the latest fashion when it comes to green transport, and it’s currently at the top of the list for manufacturers looking to tap in to the potential of an environmentally-aware customer base. It’s unsurprising that a hydrogen fuel cell can swing a consumer in to making a purchase, as green travel also has the additional benefit of being cheaper than conventional fossil fuels. There are a number of other advantages for having a green car, which make it a simpler decision than just offsetting your carbon footprint…

Getting Tax Benefits through IRS incentives

As the UK and US government are encouraging more vehicle owners to switch over to hydrogen water cars as their preferred mode of transport, drivers are benefiting from an enhanced level of benefits for making an environmentally-friendly choice in their driving habits. Moving from a traditional fuel to hydrogen through conversion can encourage the government to offer a significant tax deduction for vehicle owners, of between $5 to $50 thousand. What’s not to like?

Save money on repairs, maintenance and fuel costs

Taking the decision to use hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel can deliver the traveler huge costs savings when it’s time to re-fuel. There are less repair costs, lower maintenance service requirements and hydrogen lasts longer than regular fuel, so overall the vehicle owner saves a large amount following their initial investment. Great news on the environment, and even better news on the pocket!

Experience improved performance from your vehicle

Hydrogen brings the car owner a noticeable list of improvements in terms of performance for their cars. The vehicle will offer an enhanced number of miles for the amount of fuel purchased, which brings benefits both when driving through the city or on the open road. In addition, the engine performs better with hydrogen fuel, with a large reduction in the amount of noise generated and enhanced use of fuel. The engine will actually be greatly improved through the use of a hydrogen converter, keeping it in tip-top condition for the coming years.

Support the environment

With an HHO fuel cell in your cars, you will be vastly reducing your carbon emissions as a responsible vehicle owner. Cleaner emissions from the car will support you to bring your part to the battle against carbon offsetting, when compared with the pollutants emitted by gasoline-powered vehicles. Hydrogen brings the following benefits to the environment:
• Hydrogen is available in abundance, and brings no threat of running out as a depleting resource like gasoline
• It is easy, simple and cost-effective to produce hydrogen
• The fuel can be generated through water treatment sites or wind apparatus, making it a simple, easy and sustainable source of power
• The government has shown an ongoing commitment to the production of hydrogen, ensuring that there are enough fueling stations available to make it convenient and easy for the vehicle owner to top up their cars as necessary.


How To Lower Your Fuel Bill

By fuel, I mean petrol or gas, whatever you like to call it where you are. Some tips that are good for your wallet and the environment are around reducing fuel consumption when driving.

CouponSherpa recently published some tips, including:

3. Drive Sanely
Drive like Evel Knievel and you’ll pay for the thrill. Wind resistance increases dramatically with speed so, for every mile per hour over 55 you drive, your fuel economy goes down by 2 percent. Speeding, sudden braking and jack-rabbit starts are notoriously inefficient ways to drive. Not only will driving sanely maximize your fuel efficiency but it will also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

4. Smooth It Out
The Environmental Protection Agency recommends “smoothing” your driving by accelerating and decelerating gradually and anticipating stops and starts. If you have an overdrive gear, use it as soon as your speed is high enough. If you drive a manual transmission, shift to a higher gear smoothly and as soon as possible without bucking. As the Car Guys say, “Believe it or not, due to an unexplained Einsteinian time warp, you’ll also get to your destination in about the same time.”

You can read the full lower your fuel consumption article here.

6 Sources Of Limitless Energy

These might actually work! The Business Insider’s Green Sheet goes through six sources of permanent alternative energy at various stages of development. There is no guarantee they will work, of course, but researchers are spending billions of dollars into trying to find alternative energy technologies that provide power as consistently fossil fuels.

geothermal heat

Wind, algae, waves and more are used, so take a look.

Ford Makes Over 100,000 Hybrids

Ford has produced it’s 100,000th hybrid, rolling off the line in Kansas City, with next generation hybrid, battery-electric vehicles and a plugin hybrid coming in 2012. Currently the hybrids are just the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles, but the much discussed Ford Fusion hybrid, and the Mercury Milan hybrid come out next year, 2010.

“As we celebrate our 100,000th hybrid, America’s interest in hybrid vehicles keeps a does Ford’s commitment to advanced powertrain technologies that deliver greater fuel economy, lower emissions and help enhance our country’s energy security. No domestic automaker has more real-world experience with hybrid vehicle technology than Ford, and it shows in the quality and fuel economy of our vehicles.”
– Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

With an increasing commitment to alternative fuels, and more environmentally friendly vehicles, hopefully the next 100,000 come along much sooner. Read more about it here.

Greasy Rider Alternative Fuel Documentary Now Available

JJ Beck and Joey Carey’s terrific documentary about alternative fuels, Greasy Rider, is now available to rent and purchase (such as on Amazon.com).

The documentary is a cross-country road trip powered by vegetable oil in a 1981 Mercedes-Benz. Greasy Rider follows the two filmmakers, Joey Carey and JJ Beck, as they meet with fellow Greasecar drivers, friends, and critics. Some of the guests in the film include Morgan Freeman and Yoko Ono. You can watch the trailer/preview below.

Do You Have A Vespa?

I’m seriously considering getting a scooter, as since my move to America, the lack of a car where I live is a serious handicap.

Working from home, I don’t need a vehicle that often and when I do I don’t go far, just to run some errands. With the weather in San Diego being fantastic I don’t have to worry too much about the rain, so a scooter may be the way to go.

Vespa USA recently launched their new website, showing how their scooters get over 70mpg and speeds range from 39mph to 76mph. Iif Americans switched just 10% of their total mileage to scooters they could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 324 million pounds per day? The new site also includes a fuel average calculator that gives a quick snapshot of just how fuel economy can improve if drivers park the SUV or car occasionally and opt for two wheels instead. To be fair it has to be parked quite a bit to cover the cost of the scooter, but there are obvious environmental benefits. Now, if only they had an electric version….