Eco-adventure game for kids

We receive a lot of emails asking us to promote products for free. We take a look at each of them and sometimes they look good enough to pass on to our readers. Recently we received an email from Dave at Xeko which I thought some readers might be interested in.

Xeko Game Logo

Xeko is an eco-adventure game for kids, and for parents who are interested in teaching their kids about sustainability in general and “green” products for kids in particular. If you’re not familiar with the game already, Xeko combines two things kids love – animals and trading cards. Each card collection is based on one of Earth’s “hotspots,” beginning with the critically-endangered habitat of Madagascar. The collectible cards include facts about the species from that ecosystem in addition to illustrations that kids really love. Other collections include Mission: Costa Rica and Mission: Indonesia – the latter just debuted recently. There is a free online demo of Xeko the game available.

Xeko Cards

4% of Xeko net sales are donated to Conservation International, and the game is printed on recycled materials. While Xeko (according to them) is first and foremost entertaining, parents can feel good with their kids spending hours learning about Earth’s diverse species and unique cultures.

Xeko, as a company, produces products that foster sustainability, and hopes to inspire the next generation of eco-leaders. The website is excellent and has a list of online and brick-and-mortar stores that you can buy the game from, including diverse stores like Amazon, Whole Foods and even zoo shops!

I would be interested to hear from you if you’ve played the game, or have any suggestions for others? It looks like a great game for Christmas


Private Firework Displays To Be Banned?

Following a number of years of firework-related disasters the New Zealand Government will be looking to revise their stance on whether or not private displays will be permitted. Every Guy Fawkes fire fighters and fire fighting resources are stretched beyond capacity due to consistent irresponsible usage. Not only are numerous casualties reported every year, but many bush fires break out all over the country. The RSPCA has been lobbying against private firework sales, expressing concern at the way animals fearfully respond to the noise and lights.


So, the future of private fireworks, in New Zealand at least, does not look fantastic. This year was geared up to be a trial period with the ultimatum, behave or else. As we have seen in the news, there have still been incidents and these could weigh in the favour of a ban, with only council operated displays being allowed.

Personally I think it’s about time a ban comes into effect. The number of fires that have ravaged our native bush is a price far too high to pay, think of all that air pollution as well! After this years accident (during a professional event) involving three young children receiving burn injuries, one major super market chain has decided to cease selling fireworks and others say they may follow the lead.

Do you think it’s time for a change or do we stick with tradition?

The Fun Green Roundup #6

Salmon sperm
I couldn’t think of an amusing title for this for some reason, but supposedly salmon sperm could be a component in future LEDs.

Andrew Steckl, an expert in photonics from the University of Cincinnati (don’t worry, I had to look up photonics too, it’s apparently the science of generating, controlling, and detecting photons. I should have guessed) says: “Salmon sperm is considered a waste product of the fishing industry. It’s thrown away by the ton. It’s natural, renewable and perfectly biodegradable.” And helps LEDs somehow. Waste not, want not.

What about the pandas?
There’s a glut of bamboo products on the market at the moment for some reason. Probably because it’s fast growing. Life Goggles talked about some of them here.

Green faith
While religion is serious and not ‘fun’ as such, I thought I’d include a couple of developments here. Treehugger reports on not only the first FSC-certified Bible from Christian publishing company Thomas Nelson Inc. but also a solar powered audio bile here – which is useful!

Shower shock
Take short showers or face the consequences!

The Fun Green Roundup #5 – Halloween Green


As I was preparing to write a post about going green on Halloween (I liked the rhyme), it occurred to me that I may be a bit late and other people may have beaten me to it. And indeed they have. So if you want to learn more about being green this errr All Hallow’s Eve, then read on…

  • Lighter Footstep have to nice tips here.
  • Vanessa at Green As A Thistle (thanks for explaining what that means by the way, here) has a two-parter on her blog, but as I write this, only the first one is up here. I’ll update this when the second part goes up. Edit: here it is.
  • And TreeHugger has a very tenuous link to Halloween here.

The Fun Green Roundup #4

Another roundup of weird things from the green worldwide web. First up are batteries powered by pee….

No Po Po batteries
Trusty Treehugger has once again found something weird – batteries powered by urine and “other precious bodily fluids”. You can buy them in Japan, and as the writer points out, if they were fitted in an electric car, all you’d need to do was take a lot of water with you on a long journey.

Eco undies
New Consumer magazine reports that underwear company Greenknickers is now certified Fairtrade. It only applies to their cotton knickers although it does have others made from hemp and bamboo.

Who needs a helmet?
Are you a skateboarder? But a greenie too? Try and eco-friendly skateboard! Life Goggles has more here. Then after a few more years practicing you can do this:

Leg power
Why drive when you can walk or use a bike? When driving means exercise with the human hybrid car. Groovy Green reports on a car that is a bit like a a rowing machine for four people. Allegedly it goes 60 miles per hour but from the looks of it I’d be scared stiff going 30mph. Still, I like to see people going to a bit of effort for their daily commute.

Wine glasses are not for wine
Our friend Treehugger has some pictures of an unusual use for old wine glasses – a chandelier. I say old, but they look pretty new so not sure how good these are, eco-wise, but it’s certainly unusual.

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The Fun Green Roundup #3

Some crazy stories this week. I’m really hoping the first one is a joke.

On the hoof
A Dubai comapny is planning to start making buses powered by horses. Yes, you read that right. Horses are put on a conveyor belt in the bus and blah blah. It can’t be real can it? Check out the photo below for yourself – Treehugger has more.


Onion goggles
I thought these were goggles made from onions to begin with which is why I included them here, but atually they’re goggles to stop your eyes watering when you’re cutting onions. I don’t think they’re even made from eco-friendly material so have a look here and then just be a man about it.

Carbon phone
The BBC reports that a British student has invented a way of tracking your carbon footprint using a mobile phone. The Carbon Hero uses a mobile phone to work out what method of transport you’re using and therefore how much carbon dioxide is produced.

Washing your hands in the toilet
Well, sort of. Check this video out which is doing the rounds at the moment. Well with my friends anyway. A nifty little system to help save water but not sure how much ‘soaping’ up time there is!