Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 10: Truth & Consequences

Another great episode, marred only by Peter being very gullible. Why doesn’t he click that Adam is a bad guy when he unties Victoria? Actually why does she go for the gun as she’s already shot them both and they survived. Maybe she was going for a head shot this time.

Anyway their storyline is quite exciting, unlike Micah, Niki and Monica. No sure what’s been going on there but it’s pretty tedious stuff but maybe it’ll get more exciting now Monica’s been captured – will Niki turn to her bad self to rescue her?

It’s all a bit sad with Claire and the ‘death’ of her dad but is her plan to reveal everything going to get anywhere really? I doubt it. And nice to see Sylar getting some screen time even if he does kill Alejandro. Maya’s a bit like Peter – too trusting.

And Hiro has a bit of a return to form with his time-travelling ways, the flashback to his father (will he be in mooted Heroes: Origins?) was nice and the final confrontation with Peter had me wondering why people don’t just talk a bit more and work out what’s going on?

The next episode is the last for the moment, with the writer’s strike still happening as I write this it may be like a season finale, we shall see…


Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 9: Cautionary Tales

After the last episode I thought this was going to be a quieter affair, but nope, more happened than ever. The two stories were on Hiro’s quest to save his father and Mr Bennet’s quest to save his daughter. Hiro’s story is quite nice – who wouldn’t want to save his father? But when he realises his father doesn’t want to be saved, then the journey is all about learning why. And discovering who killed his father – must have been a bit of a shock!

But the main happenings in this episode are all about Claire. Since Adam’s escape, she’s become even more important as we now know her blood can heal others and if she heals enough times she becomes immortal. The discovery of her, her father and West becomes the focal point with Mohinder’s wavering loyalty finally deciding the outcome. Does he not know he’s going to unleash a virus which ravages New York? Peter needs to have a work.

There are some little things which may become important – West and Mr Bennet working together and the seeds of doubt that Mr Bennet plants in Elle – she may be a psycho but she now knows who’s fault it is.

I didn’t actually think Mohinder would shoot Mr Bennet but when he did I knew he wouldn’t be er dead dead. but who saved him – was it the Company with Claire’s blood or maybe it was Peter and Adam starting to save the world? I hope so but it’s probably the Company – but why would they resurrect him? I hope we find out next episode.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 8: Four Months Ago…

Probably the best episode of the series so far. I always enjoy these sorts of ones – catching up with what’s happening in the intervening months or going into the future. And lots of things are revealed to us through Peter repairing his memory. Firstly the relationship between Peter and Adam isn’t made up. We learn more about the Company, Elle and Bob and what’s been going on since Peter exploded and why Nathan is looking good again. Although Nathan in the present day has been conspicuously absent for some reason.

And then there’s Niki and DL. We find out what happened to DL and why Niki turns to the Company for help. I still don’t know why DL couldn’t have let that bullet go through him but I suppose the death adds poignancy.

And it’s nice to get a bit of background on the twins, while it doesn’t really change things, we learn about their story. And it’s nice to see Sylar again – I’d almost forgotten about him!

While most of the episode is set in the past, Matt Parkman’s story is in the present. He’s still trying to find out what is happening to everyone and uses his developing powers to get his own way. Whether that will lead to further corruption like his father is anyone’s guess. We still don’t know what Angela’s power is but she seems to be able to resist Matt is some small way, not revealing who the woman in the photo is and does she do anything to Heidi? It’s hard to tell.

An enjoyable episode that reveals quite a lot but as usual gives more questions than answers – is Adam actually a good guy who wants to save the world?

Heroes Episode Guide: Season 2 Chapter 7: Out Of Time

At last this is what we’ve been waiting for, a more normal episode of Heroes. When I say ‘normal’ I mean one full of intrigue, twists and action. I enjoyed this episode more than any other of the second season.

Maybe it has something to do with Peter going to the future, as I always seem to like those episodes. Or maybe it’s because of Peter. We learn lots about what’s been happening this episode, his storyline starts to tie up with the others. Did the Company make Peter forget and ship him off to Ireland? Why? And then there’s Peter getting back some of his memories – will he try and find his mother in the present or will he try and get back to the future to get Caitlin?

And then there’s the virus. Are Niki and the Company behind the cause of such mass infection and death we see when Peter goes to the future? And is Adam Monroe trying to stop it by killing the other originals? Actually I’ve a hundred questions about Adam which at least shows I’m interested and excited in Heroes again. Okay, so he was Kensei and wronged by Hiro but would he really have carried the grudge for 500 years? How does he know where to find Peter and leave him the note? Has Peter only got some memories back as surely he would remember er not remembering Adam? How come Adam hasn’t aged? If his only power is healing does that mean Claire will never age either? Or has Adam got other powers we don’t know about? Where was Adam locked up and how did he escape? Why does Matt’s dad do as he asks? Which includes making Niki go mad, leading to the release of the virus meaning Adam is the cause of the infection. So many questions, so few episodes left until the writer’s strike leaves us with nothing.

Then there’s Claire, West and her dad which became a little more interesting when West finds out about Mr Bennet, but as The Company seem to know where Claire is and (probably) knew what Mohinder was up to anyway, then does it really matter. And Mohinder seems to be very confused, is he Mr Bennet’s killer as the paintings seem to show or are they unconnected?

And finally as almost an aside to the story in Matt and Molly. Matt saves her and shows he has more powers than he thought. He may have overcome his dad but I’m sure that won’t be for long. Anyway what was nice was the Molly and Matt dynamic and the love between them. After Matt lost/left his pregnant wife he’s looked after Molly and the whole thing kept Heroes rooted to reality and helped the episode greatly.

I haven’t said this in a while, but bring on the next episode.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 6: The Line

Okay, forget about what I said in the last episode, I’ve started to get a bit impatient with the lack of action. Things do move along slightly, the introduction of the name Adam Munroe must mean something – he was expecting Peter in Montreal and The Company is interested in him as well. But everything else, well…

To be fair, things did happen. Mr Bennet proves just as ruthless as ever, killing Ivan, and finds the paintings he was after but we don’t know what they mean even when he finds them. Peter finds himself somewhere new (including the future), Mohinder gets Niki to watch over him and er Claire joins the cheerleading squad.

Oh, hang on, Hiro kisses the princess and fractures time. Or something as the present seems to be perfectly fine with everything else happening so who knows what’s going on there. I’m just a bit frustrated by the lack of action. But hold on, there was some action wasn’t there? Yes Sylar, powers or no powers, is just as evil as ever. Now the trio are in America will more things happen? We still don’t know where Sylar’s powers have got to and since killing Candice why haven’t The Company tried to track him down?

I really can’t think of much else to say about this episode. Nathan and Matt weren’t in it and Monica Dawson didn’t do a lot. A bit like the whole episode.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 5: Fight Or Flight

Something strange is happening. I’m getting bored with my favourite character, Hiro, hardly even noticed my second favourite character was missing, Claire, and am starting to like a new character. Monica is good fun. Very likeable and has a power which has huge possibilities. Micah is much better too without his mum, although she does make a cameo (I thought she was in hospital for the blood disease the Haitian and Molly had but obviously not), just look at his smile when Monica starts skipping.

One original hero I do like though is Peter. Yes, I’m a bit frustrated he’s not using his powers properly and stuff but things seems to be happening and it seems he’ll be off to Paris soon – that’s where his mum wanted to take Claire isn’t it? The electricity girl is intriguing too – there seems to be no end of people working for the Company – and who’s her dad? Bob?

Speaking of father’s, Matt’s turns out to be a bit slippery. Is he as innocent as he says or is he the bad guy? When Matt and Nathan find the next victim was I the only one wondering why he hadn’t posted that photo to his victim if he really is the killer? When Hiro’s dad was killed it didn’t much look like Matt’s dad.

No Sylar or the twins this episode either and hardly any Mr Bennet. Things seem to be moving along, but as I said for the last episode, I’ve no idea where.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 4: The Kindness Of Strangers

Heroes is a different creature these days, I don’t get the same excitement from each episode that I used to – wondering what twists and turns are going to happen and will they save New York? Now there’s a less definite goal and I end up watching it like any other series and wait and see where it goes rather than guessing. But I’m actually still enjoying it, just in a slightly different way.

This episode’s title refers to both the new family, the Dawsons, taking in Micah (although they’re not really strangers), the twins on the run who help Sylar and I think importantly Mohinder and Matt looking after Molly – who neither are related to. The stories bubble along nicely, whether we need new heroes or not is debatable, I do feel original characters are neglected – we don’t get to see Peter or indeed Niki at all this episode. We do see Nathan more though (sans beard) which is good and the revelation that Matt’s dad may be the bad guy is like the heroes of old.

And then there’s Claire. A favourite but she’s not doing much apart from flirt with a bloke and Mr Bennet’s got his own secrets. I keep forgetting why she’s hiding again – because they’re going to do tests on her? West was captured and freed, as was Matt and other heroes so why wouldn’t they do the same with Claire. Maybe Mr Bennet would be punished. Ahhh, it’s still like the Heroes of old – lots of questions! The main one being – what’s happened to Sylar? He still likes killing despite the loss of his powers.