Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 3: Kindred

The slowish start to the second season continues, but this episode at least did have a couple of shocks. Finding Sylar alive but unable to use his abilities (but he’s still an angry young man), the revelation that West was abducted by Mr Bennet. and Uhuru from Star Trek turning up as DL’s mother.

Peter’s storyline is quite nice and refreshing, but we all know we would have opened the box. He’ll soon master his abilities I’m sure and be back with his brother. Not much seems to happen in this episode – the twins are still on the run in Mexico (although Maya does seem to be able to cntrol her powers sometimes) and Hiro is still stuckin Japan. Well only sort of stuck. Apart from Niki he seems to be the one hero who can’t really control his powers. Well he can as he does a lot with them but can’t seem to make himself go back to the present for some reason.

With the lack of a goal (Save the cheerleader. Save the world) the series does seem to lack a focus and now seems to be concentrating on this virus that infects some of our heroes – although it seems easily cured. The Company seems more interested in curing people than categorising them – but they get something in return of course.

We don’t see Angela or Nathan Petrelli this episode so still not sure what’s going on witht he death of Hiro’s dad and the attack on her – that seems more exciting than the virus. Maybe next episode.


Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 2: Lizards


So Heroes continues its march through ever complicating storylines. Hiro’s seems pretty simple with him being back in time and taking on the role of Kensai but then that taking another twist at the end of the show – is this the start of the origins we’ve heard about?

Heroes doesn’t do simplicity – Peter’s re-discovery of his powers leads to defending the Irish girl but causes even more problems. And why is his wallet in a box when he blew up and cut his hair. Actually who chained him up in the first place?

This episode raises more questions than it answers. Well we did learn that the answer to whether Claire can regrow her limbs is a yes. While West may have a special power, he’s no Zack to be honest is he?

We don’t learn much about Nathan this episode. Apart from the fact he has a tremendous beard of course. And who’s that attacking his mum/Andrea? He seems Sylar-ish with his powers after that and killing Hiro’s dad. Another question.

We do sort of get an answer about Maya and Alejandro – she kills, he cures. But that’s all we’ll get. Surely she just needs to stop crying? Mohinder is doing some sterling work tricking the company and getting the Haitian back up and running and with Mr Bennet. How long will it last though and what about this disease?

They’re all important questions, but one that doesn’t bother me is where are Nikki, DL and Micah? Who cares really but they did get more interesting towards the end of last season. And I hope Ando is okay. Was I the only one who thought he and Matt Parkman knew each other?

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 1: Four Months Later

Heroes is back. First of all, you can find our reviews of Heroes season 1 here, and this is season 2.


So how was it for you? It started quite slowly I thought. Mohinder’s speeches always annoy me but the approach of The Company (is this Bob as mentioned last season?) and his power at least livened it up. His phone call to Mr Bennet (I feel wrong calling him Noah) explains their plans, but using a mobile/cell phone is a little dangerous, won’t The Company be listening?

Mr Bennet in a normal job? It was never going to end well for the manager was it? And Claire manages to get herself noticed in her new school in California without even trying. In fact she tries hard not to be noticed refusing to do the jump in the gym, but that’s what bring her to the attention of the good looking boy (I can’t remember his name). The revelation of his superpower is a bit disappointing, it’s the same as Nathan’s, and I like Zach who presumably is still in Texas.

Talking of Nathan, he’s all bitter and twisted about the ‘death’ of Peter and grown a beard. But what’s he looking at in the mirror? It seems to be him all burnt. Does he have healing powers like his daughter, or can disguise his appearance like Candice? Or am I reading too much into it and it was just a vision/dream?

We get two new ‘heroes’ this episode – Maya and Alejandro fleeing in South America. Actually Maya seems to have a deadly power a bit like Niki in the first series and Alejandro might not have one at all. What answers do they hope to find in America, it’s probable they’re heading for Mohinder as they had his father’s book. Before promptly killing everyone.

And then there’s Kaito, Hiro’s father who, along with Nathan and Peter’s mother, gets a death threat. Who is the other one of the original 12 who atatcks him? There are only 9 left after Charles, Linderman and Peter and Nathan’s dad. Is their only 8 now? We never learnt Kaito’s power so whether he’s dead or not remains to be seen.

And what of hero himself? Trapped in ancient Japan with his hero who is not quite hero like. With Hiro take his place? He’s my favourite character, but the storyline is a bit dull. Things might pick up with Mollie’s dreams of the bogeyman and maybe the return of Sylar. It’s a solid if slightly underwhelming start to the series.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 23: How To Stop An Exploding Man


So it’s finally arrived. The final episode of Heroes. And it was a cracker. And a culmination of what all came before it does leave some questions, but I like finding out and didn’t feel annoyed at all.

Hiro saves Ando and for a moment it seems only Sylar dies. But then he doesn’t and will Pete of Nathan survive? What we saw in Five Years Gone doesn’t come to pass, Nathan steps up to the plate and helps Peter. Or so it seems, maybe it still does, we’ll have to wait and see. Why Peter can’t control his power I’m not sure, Sylar has he same one and he can but maybe it takes him longer.

Claire shows she is a true hero as does Hiro. Peter going into the past to see the man he looked after was an unexpected highlight, what does that generation have to do with everything and what powers do they have? Maybe the rumoured spin-off series, Heroes: Origins, will tell us.

If you can’t wait until September 24 for the next series (in America at least), you can find rumours and news at this excellent site.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 22: Landslide


So I was wrong about Hiro’s dad – old Sulu from Star Trek seems to be a good guy and able to teach swordsmanship in an afternoon. I wonder what his power is? I feel bad for Ando though, there’s only one way it could end, unless it turns out a normal person saves the day.

This episode stepped up a pace after last week. Mr Bennet’s willingness to kill Johnson and maybe even Molly was a shock, but not as much as Mr Linderman buying the farm. Or has he? He seems to have been pretty powerful and if he can heal others like Nathan’s wife, then maybe he can heal himself, a bit like Claire.

It was nice to see both Peter and Sylar comfortable with their powers – Peter takes on Matt’s power easily and Sylar can not only control his hearing better than the woman he killed for it, but Ted’s too. Poor Ted, although he was annoying.

Claire was pushed into the background as events focused on the election and the forthcoming explosion. DL also seems to be dead and with so much happening with everyone, little touches like Candice actually looking like someone other than we think could get lost. But it’s insights like this, Claire mentioning wearing a costume and that Nathan’s father was also powerful that gives the series such depth.

I’m already looking beyond the next episode to see where the series can go from here. But in the meantime there’s one more episode to enjoy.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 21: The Hard Part


Okay, okay it was a quieter episode this one, but what it did do was allow a bit of character development and we can take a breath before the last two episodes of the first season of this remarkable show.

Sylar and Hiro show more of their personalities in this episode. Sylar reveals he’s not a heartless killer and kills only is there’s something in it for him – exploding is not something that interests him. He tries to go back to a normal life. However by the end his quest not to become special has reversed and he wants to seek out Ted.

After seeing the future, Hiro wants to make sure it doesn’t happen, but that includes not becoming the future Hiro – meaning he can’t kill Sylar – even when he’s frozen time.

And more people reveal their intentions. Mrs Petrelli joins Mr Linderman, The Company (the grey haired guy is called Thompson) and Hiro’s dad (Mr Nakamura) in wanting the explosion to happen.

Peter and Claire don’t do much until the end, but the threesome of Mr Bennet, Parker and Ted seem to have a goal to stop the Walker system – but they don’t realise it’s a little girl. Actually, it’s nice to see Mohinder help Molly – he’s actually done some good!

And the end does manage to keep us wanting more. It may have been quiet but I enjoyed it as usal. Only two more to go – wooooo.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 20: Five Years Gone


I enjoyed the last episode of Heroes so much I thought this couldn’t be as good. Turns out this was the best episode yet. It was phenomenal. So much has changed in the five year and when we think one thing has happened, we learn it was another. We thought that it wasn’t Peter who blew up New York, but Sylar. But then in fact it was Sylar and that’s not Nathan, it’s Sylar. Matt is a bad guy, then a good guy protecting his child, then a bad guy again. People like Candice and DL had parts to play – making Sylar the man he is, and Mohinder seems to be on the bad guys side – a war has broken out between the heroes.

It was just a great episode. Peter is everything you want him to be, in control of his powers and maybe the strongest hero there is, I couldn’t help smiling as when he saves future Hiro by stopping time and again when he decides not to as he hasn’t had a good fight for ages.

Future Hiro dying may actually be a good thing, with Hiro taking on the mantle and determined to save Ando. Their friendship is one of the strongest and real things in the show and makes you want Hiro to save Ando at all costs.

Sides switched so often, it was hard to tell what was going on, but what we do know is the future needs to be stopped – Sylar kills Claire, has killed Nathan and countless others and is the president. Even if Peter managed to defeat him (a fight we will surely see) then the world is still in a bad way. Come on Hiro, save the world!