Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 19: 0.7%


I’ve had a break between watching this episode and the previous one so I was really looking forward to it – and it didn’t disappoint. While the fight between Peter and Sylar was shorter than expected – Sylar gaining the upper hand, it lead to some interesting developments. Although Nathan now knows his brother will die in the explosion, his reaction to seeing his brother dead shows how much he actually cares.

Mr Linderman tells us more about him and others. While we’ve other just been introduced to the heroes, there are at least three generations of people with powers. I wonder how Linderman’s healing power has helped he get where he is? And what is Mrs Petrelli’s power and her late husband’s?

There is the unlikely team up of Mr Bennet, Ted and Matt, escaping from Eric Robert’s character and planning to bring down The Company – the fact that Mr Bennet didn’t know Linderman in charge casts doubt on how much he knows.

Niki and DL have little to do this episode, Micah may be the best character of that trio.

And Hiro – again not in it enough, but the ending was great. I really hope this series doesn’t stop!


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 18: Parasite


A BIG episode this one. We finally get to meet Mr Linderman who I doubt could have been killed by Nathan. You wouldn’t get as powerful as him and then get shot in a kitchen. I think he must have some power but not sure what’d be. Maybe he sees the future as he predicts what will happen with Nathan.

Candice’s power is pretty nifty, but as soon as I saw it I thought Mr Bennet’s in trouble, and soon enough he underestimate’s The Company.

Nice to see Hiro and Ando back together (with the help of Nathan) and importantly Hiro gets his sword but teleports to the future where nothing has changed from last time he saw it.

As well as Claire running off from the Haitian and then reuniting with him and Nathan’s mother, the other big thing is Sylar. For a moment I thought Mohinder wasn’t as stupid as I thought and he traps Sylar, but instead of getting his spinal fluid and killing him while he was drugged, he waits to talk to him and once again doesn’t realise how powerful he is.

The episode ends with Peter about to have his brain examined by Sylar. Since watching it my mind has been racing – will he go invisible, fly off with Sylar, heal himself and errr paint the future? He should technically have all of Sylar’s abilities that he stole off others so I expect he’ll fight back. Maybe Claude’s there with him, we haven’t seen him since Peter saved him.

As usual I’m left with lots of questions from the episode, but that’s the fun of it. New York still explodes, Hiro doesn’t save the day, will Peter? And what’s Mr Linderman’s role? All very good questions. I’m sure we’ll find out…


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 17: Company Man


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this after 17 episodes of Heroes, but it just keeps getting better and better. Company Man was great. Yes I missed Peter and Hiro (and no I didn’t miss DL or Niki), but to learn more about Mr Bennet and his past was great.

Ted and Matt didn’t seem a good team (not sure where Hana went) and Matt soon switches sides. The episode builds tension as Mr Bennet finds out about the Haitian who says he works for someone other than The Company (does he mean Mr Linderman? Is it someone else?), Claire reveals her secret to one and all and they try and stop Ted exploding.

But the real interest is in the back story. We get to see Mr Bennet’s boss – the desk guy (best name I could think of) and his boss – Hiro’s dad. The web gets stickier and sticker. We find the reason Claude is afraid of Mr Bennet and we learn a bit more about what they do.

It’s the ending that made me realise this show is so much better than even I thought. The fact that Mr Bennet choses to have his mind wiped to save his daughter was great and that he might come back as the bad guy makes it even more intriguing. It just makes me want to watch more and more, which is the point I suppose.


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 16: Unexpected


Heroes keeps up such a pace that when you get an episode where there’s only a few revelations you end up disappointed, but at no point did I think this would be one of them. Even before the ‘previously’ we get to see Ted and then a new girl, Hana, with a similar power to Micah but wireless.

Signing up Matt, they form a new team to stop Mr Bennet (it’s taken me until now to realise there’s only one ‘t’ in his name). One thing Matt doesn’t mention is that he’s tried to read his mind before and couldn’t, so how does he know he’ll succeed this time?

And Mr Bennet’s not having the best time of things. Claire hates him and has her memory, the Haitian has gone off piste, Mrs Bennet could be dying and then people break into his house – again. I’m glad we learnt what the two marks on people necks are and am eager to find out more. But as hinted at before, Mr Bennet reports to superiors so we may not find out everything. I still think he might have a power we don’t know about.

The second of the four stories we followed this episode was Mohinder and Sylar’s road trip. Mohinder seems to have developed a vaccine now so his goal is to help those with abilities they can’t control. Poor Dale, we know she’s dead as soon as she meets Sylar, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? She couldn’t control her super hearing, maybe Sylar can’t either. Absorbing/taking powers might overwhelm him, although he is very powerful – he was dead once remember?

Thirdly, Hiro and Ando split up. I’m sad about this as Ando is great but at least they won’t be the comedy fall guys anymore. It’s nice to see Hiro’s powers work and that the thing with the sword may only be in his mind. And he meets Stan Lee!

And the fourth story of Peter and Claude. Why the Haitian and Mr Bennet used tasers rather than their usual method of detaining heroes I don’t know, but the result was spectacular. Claude’s teachings have helped Peter immensely and in times of stress he seems to be able to call on his powers at will. Also his ability to move things with his mind means he may have absobed all of Sylar’s powers too – even ones he doesn’t know bout. Will we see a Sylar v. Peter battle at the end of the series?

Or is Peter turning to the dark side? The use of his abilities and subsequent consequences with Isaac and Simone suggest he may be on a different path than becoming Superman.

The ending was as shocking and as brilliant as we’ve come to expect from Heroes. Can Peter save her, will she survive, what will happen next? Only the next episode will tell us and there’s only two weeks until New York explodes.


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 15: Run!


Sylar (or Gabriel Gray if you prefer) is back and killing off Heroes once again (poor Zane Taylor) and Mohinder is unwittingly helping him out. The Claire storyline is getting much more complicated with her real parents both showing they care little about her. It actually seems Nathan cares more than Meredith. What is good about this part of the show is how they bring it back to reality with her foster mother feeling the effects of numerous mind wipes. Similar to what happened in Buffy I suppose, in a fantasy world, it’s the reality that makes it worth watching.

Well actually with Hiro and Ando I wish it was the other way round. I’m not sure what role Hope has in the future, but rather than Hiro and Ando bumbling around, I’d rather see Hiro’s powers in use. Maybe he’ll get them back to ‘save’ Ando.

And Niki/Jessica is finally interesting, her assassin role for Mr Linderman seems to suit her and not even another hero can stop her. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her develop and whether they’ll actually split into two people.

Even though he’s only been in a couple of episodes, I missed Claude, or more like the Claude and Peter storyline as that’s what’s going to shape the series – has anyone mentioned New York is going to blow up soon? Ah yes, Isaac but he’s not doing much about it.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 14: Distractions


So I’ve been thinking for a while what does that ‘S’ symbol mean? It’s a tattoo on Niki and on the sword Hiro’s looking for. And I think it’s on a necklace around the Haitian’s neck too.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. Mainly the interaction between Peter and Claude, but the ending too. Sylar remains creepy and as strong as ever. Did he kill someone else like Claire and can heal himself as that’s the second time he’s been shot? Then why does he need to kill Claire? Her real mother seems to have an empathy she can’t have with her adopted mother, and we get to see the damage Mr Bennet (we almost learnt his first name) and the Haitian are doing to her.

But it’s Claude who’s the standout. His methods of teaching Peter may be slightly unusual but they’re starting to work. But who is Claude? Mr Bennet seems to know the answer.

I still don’t really understand the Niki/Jessica storyline. Jessica wanted Micah back before Niki gave herself up so surely she doesn’t want to harm him? Maybe she’s evil or something so we should be worried and she’s going to kill DL.

Hiro proves that he’s not just about his power and he has a wise head on his shoulders when he speaks to his father and his sister. I like Ando as well. He doesn’t do much but adds some realism and light relief.

No Mohinder or the list this episode. Isaac seems to know a lot, taking the place of Eden but I’m not really sure what Mohinder’s role is in the show. He does seem to be one of the only people without a power in the series. Him and Mr Bennet. Or maybe Mr Bennet does, we don’t know how he escaped the cell.

Right, now I want to learn more about Hiro and the sword. I think I’m a little obsessed. Bring on the next episode.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 13: The Fix


While I’m still a bit bored by the Niki/DL/Micah storyline, it does raise the question of parenthood – Niki and DL have passed a power onto their son. And we learn Hiro’s father may have a power as well as Claire finding her real mother who also has a power – so while we’re just learning of some of these heroes who have abilities, some have been living with then for ages.

Matt the cop’s storyline helps to keep the story in the real world – it’s not all good. And Peter ‘s frustration with himself and Claude is a highlight in this episode and along with Hiro, their storylines seem to be the most interesting and I’d like to see where they go. Is Hiro’s father really Mr Linderman? I don’t think so, but it seems Sulu will have a part to play.

And finally, although Mr Bennet seems in control of everything the last two episodes have proven that maybe he isn’t. The Haitian as well as Eden have gone behind his back, he realises that Claire may be remembering things and the final shot of the episode has Sylar making a comeback. He must be more powerful than first thought – coming back from the dead. But then how did they restrain him for so long?

I’m sure we’ll get answers soon, but in the meantime I’m enjoying finding out. As Hiro says: “This is how we roll.”

More details about the episode can be found here.